Bare Escentuals The Natural High Ready Blush for Spring 2013

I think I’ll create a new lemming for you today. Bare Escentuals Ready Blush in the Natural High will pretty much be a muse have for Spring 2013 me thinks!

Stunning isn’t it? I haven’t tried it yet but absolutely love the golden peachy pink goodness I am seeing in the pan. Also loving the turquoise compact it comes in. I swear you can throw 100’s of golden peach pink blushes at me and I’m always want every single one! I wish someone would cash in on this shade for lips and eyes as golden peach pink hues are VERY limited in the lip and eye world but seem to be plentiful lately for cheeks.

Loves this!

It launches with the Bare Escentuals Remix Collection for Spring 2013 that will be available in January. More info about the collection soon!

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  • 12/19/12 12:04 Lisa J.:

    I want it very badly!


  • 12/19/12 12:18 Nikki:

    Goregous!!! This will be mine I think!! :)


  • 12/19/12 12:43 Ruth:

    similar to orgasam or coralista you think??


    • 12/19/12 13:46 the Muse:



      • 12/19/12 14:15 Ruth:



  • 12/19/12 13:11 Angela:

    Beautiful color. Would love to see a swatch.


  • 12/19/12 13:15 K.B.:

    It’s a want? (with my head tilted like a confused dog) for me. I need to stop buying blushes, but I can’t bring myself to do so. I’m interested in the rest of the collection, though!


  • 12/19/12 13:59 Kiss & Make-up:

    Yep, that looks good indeed :-)


  • 12/19/12 14:19 Samantha:

    Hi Muse, Thanks for keeping us all informed about future makeup must haves. This blush is one I have at home, although the one I have is in a black compact and came with a QVC TSV from a while back. It is a lovely blush and I rely on it daily. The only thing I am not sure I like about it is that at the end of the day, the lovely color leaves and what stays behind is a shimmery residue. Quick question: how can I avoid the glitter from blushes from clumping around my pores? Hope my question makes sense. P.S. I can’t wait to see the BE Remix collection when you blog about it. Happy Holidays! : )


    • 12/19/12 14:24 the Muse:

      my pleasure Samantha! glad you told me, it’s new for me, but some folks might already own it! I gotta say I’m the worst person to ask, I don’t really have large pores on my face so I’m not great at recommending fixes…do you use primer before? that would def help! the remix info is actually coming tonight with reviews soon to follow. It’s amazing ;-D great selection of aqua hues!


  • 12/19/12 19:44 Kim:

    I gotta have this. Love the packaging.


  • 12/20/12 9:10 monettex:

    I am really looking forward to the Remix collection, especially the tinted lip balms.


  • 12/20/12 10:49 Samantha:

    I will try primer before the BE blush to see what happens. It is a lovely blush and I never feel worried about getting “clown makeup” cheeks with BE. : )


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