Beauty Most Unusual: Pizza Hut Perfume

When you’ve done the devil’s deal with Burger King Perfume I’d say Pizza Hut Perfume is a cake walk.

Yeah, flamed broiled beef is the order of business with Burger King’s Fragrance but what does Eau de Pizza Hut smell like anyway?

Fresh pizza dough! Oh sorry, did you want the cheese, tomato sauce, and pepperoni experience? Not happening but if you’re lucky enough to get a hold of the one of the hundred limited edition bottles of fragrance Pizza Hut created you can smell like pizza dough…toppings optional!

What started as a joke ended up becoming a limited edition run product for the Pizza Hut franchise.

Pizza Hut Canada offered one of the 100 plus limited edition bottles to the first hundred people who commented on their announcement page on Facebook Fan Page. As of now, I’m unsure if they’ll be creating more of the fragrance in the future. Plus who would even want one? If it doesn’t have cheese and pepperoni, I don’t want it.


What kinda pizza perfume doesn’t have the works?


  • 12/10/12 19:46 Icequeen81:

    With cheese or without, It sounds something u can use on a ghost movie or zombie making your skin appealing then your brain


  • 12/11/12 2:22 Lorraine ER:

    Hahah, wth is up with perfumes that smell like fast food? Even the people that work at those places hate the way they smell when they get off work.
    If you want to smell like pizza hut or BK you can do it *and* earn money- just moonlight at your local fast food place 😛


    • 12/11/12 9:11 the Muse:

      lol good rec lorraine!


  • 12/11/12 14:57 Angela:

    I’m sure the actual perfume doesn’t smell like pizza (or may be it does?) but I can’t seem to ever tell people that I’m wearing a perfume from Pizza Hut LOL


  • 12/15/12 18:10 Satya:

    Hmmm… what a unique and odd fragrance choice.. although I love the smell of pizza dough, I am not sure I would want to smell like it!!!


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