Black Radiance Eye Appeal Shadow Palettes

Looks like Wet n Wild and Black Radiance have the same distributor as these new Eye Appeal Shadow Collection Palettes look MIGHT similiar to Wet n Wild’s ColorIcon Palettes….!


Available in three VERY similiar shade selections as Wet n Wild’s version these are part of Black Radiance’s standard collection and are available for $7.79 each. They even have similiar mark ups on each shadow directing you where each shade should be applied. Differences? The fact that Wet n Wild’s version is $4.99 and Black Radiance is nearly $3 dollars more!

There are also new Eye Shadow Quartet Palettes which similiar the palettes that will be releasing with the Wet n Wild Fergie Spring 2013 Collection.

I’m unsure if Black Radiance is related to Wet n Wild or if they simply have the same distributor but these are def spot on dupes even the colors are similiar.


Check displays at CVS for yourself.


Do share!

  • 12/12/12 13:09 M:

    They are both owned by Markwins. They distribute both Wet N Wild and Black Radience. The quality is the same in my opinion


  • 12/12/12 13:12 Kiss & Make-up:

    I like the one with the yellow and the greens!


  • 12/12/12 13:41 Megan:

    I love these! I got mine at Meijer. They are exactly the same as the W&W ones. Aka, awesome.


  • 12/12/12 14:22 Ivy:

    Like stated above its quite widely known that they’re north owned by mark wins ^^ these palettes have actually been around for quite a while, you can find reviews from months (maybe years?) ago, however black radiance is so hard to hunt down :( but these are only $5 if you can spot them at Walmart! And apparently some of them (like the purple pink one) is better quality than wet n wilds!


    • 12/12/12 14:33 the Muse:

      sorry ivy, the display said new, from my understanding that launches in the Fall but perhaps I am wrong. Either way they are new for me :)


      • 12/12/12 18:06 Debster:

        WnW is goofy about that because they have items from last year still labeled as ‘new’ at drugstores still. :/


    • 10/29/13 1:42 janechemi:

      i have these and i feel like they are A LOT more pigmented because they are marketed towards women of color (hence black radiance). they are well worth the extra 3 dollars IMO


  • 12/12/12 16:01 Kaitlyn:

    These palettes launched last winter. I have had the neutral one since that launch and love it! I haven’t quite gotten around to getting the others yet, but they look really pretty! :)


  • 12/12/12 16:30 amy:

    I have the browns & the purples, and I absolutely love them. I find the quality & pigmentation to be comparable to WnW, however I like the colors better in these. I just find it a bit offensive these are $2.00 more than the WnW 8-pan palettes. Also, even in Los Angeles, Black Radiance products are hard to find, although it would seem the demographic would call for a much wider distribution. Every drugstore, it seems, carries WnW, but I can think of only a handful that carry BR.


  • 12/12/12 16:37 charlotte:

    All the above is correct regarding the manufacture.. and I think the markup is obscene since they are obviously just taking advantage of the specialty market.

    That said, they are excellent shadows. They are a bit different formula than wnw though. A little dryer, more smooth than buttery. Excellent pigmentation. They tend to look a little “blah” in the pan, but come to life when swatched. Some really unique and pretty colors and combinations. I have rather fair skin and I own most of them so don’t be worried about the marketing if you are fair. I also use their primer, Complexion Perfection, it is a nice creamy formula that contains clay and is HG for oily skin. I have two backups, I seriously live in the stuff even if I’m not wearing makeup. I have also heard excellent reviews of their lip products, liners, and blushes, though I have not tried them myself. You have better luck finding the line in stores with a high ethnic community, both Walgreens and Walmart have store finder options on their websites that can help. also carries it.


    • 12/12/12 16:47 the Muse:

      are the frosty at all charlotte? I really like wnw’s version but sometimes they are frost overkill! :(


      • 12/12/12 17:09 BLee:

        ITA, with Charlotte…taking advantage. Yep, I have seen it and said something about it. But the colors are deeper I like some of the BE pallets better 😀


      • 12/13/12 16:07 charlotte:

        On the whole I find them less frosty than WnW, but it does depend on the individual color. I also find the color combos to be much more wearable, a lot of the WnW trios are really “out there” and difficult to wear as presented. Definitely check out the quads and duos, not just the 8 pan palettes.. I prefer the colors in the smaller sets more. Two of the duos Island/Oasis (dark green and gold), and Rhythm/Blues (soft dusty blue and navy) stick in my mind as some of the prettiest and easiest to work with shadows I’ve worn recently. I bought all of the quads and duos during ‘s recent 40% off sale and have yet to try them all. (I own a LOT of shadows, and I’ve gotten so many new ones with the holiday sales) My only complaint is that the quads do not separate the colors, they are all portions of one solid block of color.. but that is just one of my pet peeves. They are large and easy to get your brush into without contamination from the color next to it. I find the compacts to be better quality than WnW as well.

        If you want nice wearable colors/combinations with less frost my favorite go to is Maybelline standard shadows believe it or not. I feel they are highly underrated. Almost all are mattes or satins, and they have a real eye for palette composition, giving you good highlights/midtones/darks that really coordinate well.

        As with any low end (or high end for that matter) shadow a good primer and/or base makes all the difference in the world. I wore BR Island/Oasis with a light base of the CT in Mossy green (WnW brulee as a highlight and a tiny bit of NYX Golden Olive liner in the outer corner) as a smokey eye and it was to die for, everywhere I went people were commenting and wanting to know what I had on my eyes, totally shocked when I told them it was a $3 drugstore product.


        • 12/14/12 9:47 the Muse:

          i agree it depends on the shade, some are gorgeous and buttery and others major frost and fall out :-/ I never really explored maybelline shadows much! thanks for the rec will give them a whirl ;-D that looks sounds amazing! You should send some pics would love to see ;D


    • 12/12/12 17:10 Tiffany Martin:

      What a great comparison. It helps to know how they are vs wet n wild in case for some of us, we’d prefer black radiance. I’ve NEVER seen these anywhere, but I live in the whitest state in the union so it’s possible they will skip us >:


    • 12/12/12 23:37 OrangeLipstickBlog:

      Definitely going to have to pick up the Complexion Perfection!


      • 12/13/12 16:10 charlotte:

        I feel it’s the biggest secret in makeup. Nobody ever talks about it yet everyone is looking for a good mattifying primer. It’s only about $6 for a tube that lasts me a couple of months using it almost every day.


  • 12/12/12 17:41 christi:

    I agree Muse, WnW’s are way too glittery! I HATE when I do my eye makeup and end up with random bitter specks all over my face! I have the same prob with UD (altho UD is still my fav e/s).


    • 12/13/12 10:14 the Muse:

      fall out is a bish :(


  • 12/12/12 17:42 christi:

    That was supposed to say glitter specks…damn word correction on my tablet!


  • 12/12/12 22:37 Cindy:

    The nude looking palette looks great, I can never have too many nudes. As for the markup, I don’t know if its the brands fault, I feel like CVS is the WORST for buying drugstore makeup. When things go on sale they actually mark the price up beforehand. I HATE shopping at CVS for makeup and only will do so if its for LE stuff and no one else has it first. I’ll have to check out Wally-World to see if they have the palette before I dish over my money to evil CVS. (End rant)


  • 12/13/12 10:45 Susan K:

    Try the baked blushes, they are beautiful.


  • 12/13/12 14:41 mj:

    I have seen these at The Dollar General…I think the eye pallets were $5…


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