Clarins Odyssey Face Palette Review & Swatches

Clarins Odyssey Face Palette ($55) is a new highlighter powder released from Clarins for Holiday 2012. Clarins describes it as a shimmering, lightweight pressed powder that you use on your face, neck, or decolette. That’s the key word, “lightweight pressed powder”…! Although it contains an overspray of gold it actually works as a lovely setting powder due to the universally flattering shade of beige peach. I set my concealer with it this morning.

Dontcha just love versatile beauty?

Clarins Odyssey Face Palette comes housed in a beautiful gold case. The circular design on the front of the compact is identical to the one embedded on the powder itself.

The powder has a gold over spray that brushes away in a single use. The powder has a soft violet scent that’s very pleasant with a finely milled silky texture. The texture is absolutely luxurious. It’s soft, silky, and applies like a dream on skin. The softened peach shade should be flattering on a variety of skin tones and almost acts as a transparent powder of sorts without overpowering your look. It lends a very soft glow to skin when applied correctly or can be used to set your foundation should you desire to multitask with it as a touch up powder during an evening out.

Overall, if beautiful Holiday powders and highlighters from higher end brands are something you collect I do urge you to indulge as this is one of the betters ones I’ve seen in a while. The fact that I’m not scared to use it makes it equally appealing as not only is it gorgeous but very practical for touch ups as well. Let’s face it some Holiday highlighters can be too shimmery for daily use! The ease of use here makes this an exceptional selection for holiday looks.

Simply gorgeous.

Muse Approved for purchase!

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  • 12/6/12 22:09 Kmmyp:

    Love it!!! But quite on the expensive side for me


  • 12/7/12 2:37 Angela:

    If I get this, I’ll probably be too scared to use it because then I will ruin the design on top.


  • 12/7/12 11:16 Ruth:

    that’s so pretty! I’m probably take it out, admire it, and then put it away. I have a lancome travel pallet a friend brought back from europe and i do the same thing with it.


    • 12/7/12 11:20 the Muse:

      lol story of my life with LE items ;-D I’ve been better though lately!


  • 12/7/12 15:25 Icaria:

    Lovely, just lovely! The presentation is gorgeous!


  • 12/8/12 1:19 blueraccoon:

    Question O wise muse – I’m really, really fair, like barely NW15 from MAC, always the lightest shade in any foundation. Would this work for me, do you think?


    • 12/10/12 9:08 the Muse:

      mmmm on really fair skin might not be as transparent blueraccoon but could work! perhaps head to counter and swipe it see what you think?


  • 12/9/12 2:06 Mimi:

    I”m having a hard time understanding why its a ‘palette’ when its really just one color. I’d rather the powder be called a ‘veil’ or something less misleading. :c


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