MAC Apres Chic Mineralize Eye Shadow Review & Swatches

MAC is releasing five limited edition Mineralize Eye Shadows with their new Apres Chic Collection for Spring 2013. I think part of my love affair with Mineralize Eye Shadows is over. I’ve always loved them because they were baked, shimmery, and delicious.

But as of late I’m noticing they have a bit TOO much glittery shimmery goodness for me.

Let’s take a look!

Gather round if you love shimmer as these shadows pack it. Unlike past Mineralize Eye Shadow shades I don’t feel these contain chunky glitter but a more refined shimmer. However, even as fine as that shimmer is, it’s still overkill for me. This shimmer translates into frost and boy, I can’t do frost.

The texture has a silky feel and applies with some fall out if a brush is used. They apply very sheer using a bushier brush so I do suggest a sponge tipped applicator for the best results. A sponge applicator lessens fall out and also packs color on for the best color pay off.

As I mentioned above the shimmer does translate into a frostiness for me so I found both shades I tried a little unwearable. However, with a little work you can sheer out some of the frostiness and create a nice, wearable eye look. It just takes a little work to get a proper finish. Cream bases, wet application, and a few other tricks will get the best finish.

Silver Birch is a gray base with peach veining. That peach doesn’t translate well into the shade and most of what you get is a smoky gray shade which proves ideal for a soft, smoky color wash. Ice is a light peach base with white veining. Again, the white doesn’t actually show through here and the dominate shade is a soft, peachy beige. Again, this makes an excellent color wash shade for a soft focused eye look.

Overall, from what I’ve seen of the Apres Chic shades, they may be a little too shimmery/frosty for some. You shouldn’t have any issues with the product if you generally like Mineralize Eye Shadows however, some fall out could prove irritating but with a little work you can avoid it.

MAC occasionally does a Mineralize Eye Shadow sans all the shimmer, frost, and glitter. In these rare cases I can say I honestly love the formula. But with current releases, it seems there’s just a little too much glittery, frostiness for me to cope with.

Are you a Mineralize Eye Shadow fan?

Think you’ll pick up some or all of the shades from the Apres Chic Collection?

Do share!

The collection launches in store today as well as online at


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  • 12/26/12 11:46 Icequeen81:

    I like ice the most


  • 12/26/12 17:26 AzSunshine:

    I completely agree Muse. I went to my local store and checked this out and found them way too shimmery/frosty/glittery. I bought almost every piece of the Naturally collection last year but this one was over the top in shimmer. I didn’t pick up one single item this time. Even the MAC MUA said it was too much.


    • 12/26/12 18:16 the Muse:

      sadness! and all that shimmer translates to major frost on me :(


  • 12/27/12 10:48 M:

    The thing with these shadows are I think they’re best used with a dampened brush and ‘patted’ on, rather than swiped on.


  • 12/27/12 10:49 M:

    Let me add that I haven’t tried these but that seemed like the best method for the past mineralize shadows.


  • 12/27/12 11:07 anne:

    I really like these but didn’t jump. I find the mineralize shadows are gorgeous but its too much shimmer for my liking.


  • 12/29/12 15:09 Phyrra:

    I like the Silver Birch.


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