MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator Now Permanent

MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
is now part of the permanent MAC Collection.

Thank GOD!

I’m a HUGE fan of Volcanic Ash so this is the best news ever!

MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator is newest addition to MAC’s permanent skincare line. A unique mineralized foaming scrub containing natural volcanic ash and fine sugar crystals to exfoliate. Utilizes ultra-fine particles that intensely and deeply cleanse the pores. Suitable for all skin types, the exfoliator acts as a moisturizer while also absorbing excess oil from the skin. Improves the application of makeup and keeps skin smooth and texture even.

It’ll be marked at $33.50 and available whenever your little heart desires it.

I’m so used to stock piling it when it is relaunched I’ll have to retrain myself not to haul several bottles my next trip to MAC.

Thanks MAC, best Christmas gift evers!

  • 12/17/12 20:10 breyerchic04:

    It’s increased $9 (and is now lighter than then) since your review in 08. Still I think I’ll try it soon, I’ve heard such good things.


  • 12/17/12 20:37 Tammie:

    Um, yeah, I think the time has come for me to try this stuff! I did vow before that I wanted to try it if it ever became perm, so excited!


  • 12/17/12 20:47 Jane:

    $33.50?! I may be remembering wrong (and am too lazy to research), but wasn’t it $19.50? Sorry, MAC, no. You’ve gone down Bobbi Brown’s crazy price increase road…


    • 12/17/12 21:19 breyerchic04:

      It’s $28 on the website now, but yeah 33.50 is way worse.


  • 12/17/12 22:20 Angela:

    One of my all time favorites skincare items from MAC. I used to stock this whenever it comes out in a limited edition, but man, the price has went up a lot.


  • 12/18/12 22:16 Jenny:

    The $33.50 price is for us Canadians :'( Is it worth the splurge? I’ve never tried it.


  • 12/19/12 19:08 Corinne:

    OMG I didn’t even know! I hoarded 11 bottles last time it launched and i’m down to 1 left…HAHAHAAA but damn it was $19.50 before. not sure if I like the price increase


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