Meanwhile in Parallel New York, in a Hotel….

The angels take the poinsettia!

  • 12/20/12 12:09 Ruth:

    whatcha gonna do now angel? it doesn’t have eyeballs to blink! hah! take that!


    • 12/20/12 12:24 the Muse:



  • 12/26/12 11:58 Ruth:

    have you watched the Christmas ep yet?


    • 12/26/12 12:11 the Muse:

      i have not. I’m having a viewing party tonight ;-D was it good?


      • 12/26/12 12:34 Ruth:

        HECK YEAH! I don’t want to give ANYTHING away but there were a couple of moments that brought a tear to my eye.


        • 12/26/12 12:48 the Muse:

          can’t wait! is it revealed clara and oswin are one and the same? ;-D doubt it but a girl can hope!


          • 12/26/12 13:06 Ruth:

            Spoilers! =)
            after you’ve seen the ep, we’ll talk about it lots!

          • 12/26/12 13:23 the Muse:

            yay! 😀

  • 12/28/12 12:36 Ruth:

    have you watched the ep yet?


    • 12/28/12 12:57 the Muse:

      YES! ;-D was good. snow men a little lame-o, wasn’t into the romance aspect…mmmmm are we really going there again? but overall excellent!


      • 12/28/12 14:23 Ruth:

        I really liked that we saw the Doctor essentially in mourning and give up; he was just existing. The exciting part was to see him come back to life and be interested in everything again. When he first showed up without his bow tie and just a regular tie, knew something was seriously up! What did you think about the new console? the spinning top reminded me of a merry-go-round.
        agree that the snowmen were lame but they were pretty creepy at first. With the pointy teeth, thought that they might be vampire snowmen.


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