NYC New York Color Cosmetics Eyes Wide Open Spring 2013

Here’s a little look at the NYC New York Color Cosmetics Eyes Wide Open display that features new HD Color Trip Eye Shadow, Sparkle Eye Dust, Big Bold Curl Mascara, and a new liquid eyeliner for Spring 2013.

Take a look!

This display is loaded with some new goodies from NYC New York Color Cosmetics for Spring. There are several new Sparkle Eye Dusts, a new mascara called Big Bold Curl, and finally several shades of HD Color Trip Eye Shadow Palettes.

I picked up a little bit of everything when I saw the display at my local CVS.

I’m looking forward to trying the shadow trios! Who knows they might prove awesome. The Big Bold Curl Mascara kinda resembles Maybelline’s new Rocket Mascara in size….! Perhaps the two will play nicely together.

Reviews upcoming soon!

  • 12/29/12 10:03 Mia D:

    Ah! I’m going crazy over all the drugstore products for Spring! There’s so much coming out that I need to start making a list of what to buy! Lol


  • 12/29/12 15:13 amy:

    Sparkle Eye Dust!!! I happened on a couple on clearance a few years back, in Topaz & Amethyst, and I *love* them; the colors, once applied, are sooo complex. Hopefully, these won’t disappoint, either.


  • 12/31/12 7:49 Myss Monnster:

    Hi! It’s completely random and has nothing to do with your post but your blog is awesome. I spend 2 hours watching some of your cosmetic reviews (those Asian fancies ^^ ) in my work. Looking to see sth awesome soon:)


  • 12/31/12 11:57 Tennyoceres:

    I twitched when I saw the liquid eyeliner. I’m on a liquid eyeliner kick since I got over my ‘oh God no liquid that close to my eye!’ phobia. I need all of the nude eyeliner. ALL. OF. THEM. *&*


  • 3/16/13 13:22 Trish:

    I LOVE and use the trios! There are some beautiful color combinations and I was shocked by how well they perform. I have many high end shadows that cant hold a candle to these. The pigmentation is excellent and so easy to blend with other shades. They’re not over the top pigmented, but I don’t really like extremely pigmented shadows anyway…too much margin for error. I love that the shimmery colors are more like satin and look gorgeous on my slightly crepey lids. I dont see any glitter or sparkly pigment. The lasting power is phenomenal, but I do use a primer. I can’t say anything negative about these. They work like a dream! Will definitely be picking up more of these!


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