Revlon Diamond Collection Accessories for Holiday 2012

Revlon is putting a little bling in your beauty with their new Diamond Collection Accessories for Holiday 2012. Tweezers, Lash Curler, and more get the diamond treatment with this collection of ultra cute sparkly beauty tools!

Take a look!

Pretty adorbs right?

I was terribly tempted to grab the Diamond Collection Eyelash Curler but I was positve the bling on the upper part of the curler would be distracting as I curled my lashes. Ever notice the gold Shu Curler kinda has this odd reflection making it difficult to figure out where your lashes are which in turn ends up with you pinching part of your lid…am I the only one that experiences such woe? I didn’t haul this curler because I feared the same thing would happen!

There’s also a slanted tweezer as well as some emery boards. If you purchase two tools you get a free silver sparkle makeup bag with your haul!

I thought it was rather darling and would make excellent stocking stuffer goodies for the beauty lover in your life.

I saw the display at Harmons but check your local drugstore you might get lucky!

  • 12/3/12 20:02 theRothstanator:

    I just want the bag!!! So cute!


  • 12/3/12 21:20 Cindy:

    I don’t know about you, but I tend to make a mess somehow when I use eyelash curlers. Sometimes I use my eyelash curler to pinch my lashes to falsies while they’re drying, and I get mascara and glue on my eyelash curler. I’d somehow ruin the cute gems, I know it. :'[


  • 12/3/12 21:32 Debster:

    I saw this at Walgreens and only wanted the bag also! The tweezers look decent, like the gems won’t pop off in the first few times using it.


  • 12/4/12 0:48 Tiffany Martin:

    I like how the blinged out stuff looks but I got a crap cuticle tool from revlon and now I don’t trust their tools.


  • 12/4/12 8:39 BLee:

    Wow, love th MU bag!


  • 8/14/13 16:46 Ilinca Milosan:

    I have the tweezers in purple–they’re really good! Worth the money :)


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