Revlon Nearly Naked Collection for Spring 2013

Revlon has a new Nearly Naked Makeup & Pressed Powder Collection launching for Spring 2013. I ran across the display at Harmons. This includes new Nearly Naked Pressed Powder and Nearly Naked Foundation in a wide array of shades.

Take a look!

Both the powder and cream foundation were marked at a friendly $7.59 but they might be more once they hit stores like CVS, Walgreens, etc…! I was a little skeptical of the “Nearly Naked” claim since the foundation looked quite thick and creamy. I’m a fan of cream foundations but not liquid ones like this as I find them messy to use. I was a bit tempted but I think I’ll wait it out before I indulge.

They have a small booklet to help determine your shade. I’m surprised they didn’t have tiny testers. It seems the norm lately for drugstores to have testers on their displays for swatch purporses.

What do you think of this collection?


Do share!

  • 12/3/12 21:16 Cindy:

    That Nearly naked font looks a heck of a lot like the font UD uses. Hehe


    • 12/5/12 0:03 Julia:

      I WAS JUST THINKING THAT! Very coincidental! 😉


  • 12/3/12 22:23 Aurora:

    Please do a review!


  • 12/3/12 23:57 Renee:

    Im in love and cant wait to try.hopefully next comes eyeshadow lipstick and gloss


  • 12/4/12 8:42 BLee:

    I would give them a try if the coverage was there. Full would be great.


  • 12/4/12 12:13 Iris:

    I’m interested in the powder if the fair or light shades match me.


  • 12/4/12 13:41 Danii:

    I like what I see! Hopefully it’ll be a match for me too (I know how it feels Iris…)


  • 12/5/12 7:27 Jen:

    Is it just me, or does the picture they used of Emma Stone look like she’s been aged ten years? I mean, holy cow, she JUST turned 24 and the image makes her look like she’s in her late 30s Dx


  • 12/5/12 15:18 madworld:

    I bought this yesterday and I am very impressed. I don’t know about the staying power because I have only had it on a couple of hours, but the coverage is AMAZING. It’s also quite blendable. I got the shad “shell” and the second lightest powder. The powder is definitely too dark for me. But, they didn’t have any more of the lightest. I wish I had grabbed it the first time I saw it because I can’t find it at any other stores. Can’t wait for spring.


    • 12/5/12 15:45 the Muse:

      sounds very promising mad world!


  • 12/10/12 20:24 Jenna:

    This foundation is amazing. It’s as lightweight as a tinted moisturizer, but has fantastic coverage. Also, I have very dry skin and it doesn’t sink into wrinkles or feel dry at all. I’m really impressed by this one!


  • 12/21/12 16:48 fairytalesandcoffee:

    I actually just tried this on and it is a really good foundation line. The finish is satiny and the texture is quite thin. The coverage sheer to light/medium with a second layering reaching medium. But the shade range is pretty bad. This With the exception of light and and vanilla (for light skintones) the rest is more medium skin depth with a heavy beige lean. natural beige and sun beige were beige orange on me and darker than my light-medium skintone. I didn’t try medium beige or fresh beige because the outside color distinctly looked pink beige to me. It is a really nice foundation if you can find a shade match but this line definitely leans beige and medium toned.


  • 2/2/13 0:02 Sabrina:

    I actually have tried the foundation, I found Vanilla blended in best, others were too pink, set with my own translucent powder and liked it. Took me two stores to find my color, but I am really happy that they have shades light enough for my fair skin.

    I almost went with the Maybelleine Dream Mouse and their lightest color is 3 shades too dark. Don’t get me wrong, I am not THAT fair, I am MUFE #117 Invisible HD Foundation and range depending on seasons with Bare Minerals. I also found a shade that would work with Neutrogena.


  • 4/22/13 17:25 Monica:

    I actually tried this foundation and really do love it for a drugstore foundation love that it doesnt look cakey or over done at all. I’ve tried my fair share of foundations and have yet to have a holy grail but this comes close. coming from a estee lauder,MUFE,Dior nude,YSL teint,laura mercier i end up going to this one revlon


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