Smashbox Mega Tint Long Wear Lip Color for Spring 2013

Smashbox Mega Tint Long Wear Lip Color is a newly launched lip color available for Spring 2013 in six shades.

The concept behind these is they are a full color lip tint that offers up to eight hours of color due to the fact they tint lips so as color wears away, the tint will remain on your lips.

Nifty eh?

Smashbox Mega Tint Long Wear Lip Color is a conditioning lip tint that produces up to eight hours of radiant, hydrating color. You can apply as a sheer wash of color or go bolder with a heavier application.


  • Mulberry (soft plum)
  • Nude (pale soft neutral pink)
  • Mimosa (soft coral)
  • Punch (bright pink)
  • Cerise (cherry red)
  • Whirl (peachy pink)

These are $20 each and will be launching at Sephora,, and for Spring.

I’m excited about them but the colors might be too bright for me. We shall see.


  • 12/19/12 10:50 Angela:

    Definitely will be watching for these. I have their Be Legendary lipstick and it’s quite lovely. Certainly if I’m bold enough to go with a bold colour, it’s gotta have some lasting power or I check it every 20 minutes or so! Just hope it’s not too costly!


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