Smashbox Spring 2013: Love Me Collection

The Smashbox Spring 2013 Collection, Love Me, has launched at Sephora for Beauty Insiders. I told you about this collaborated collection earlier this month. Graffiti artist, Curtis Kulig collaborated with Smashbox to create the collection using one of his most famous tags, “Love Me”.

Take a look!

Smashbox Love Me Eye Shadow Palette $34

  • Admire Me Eye Shadow Palette includes Champagne, Matte Nude, Soft Shimmering Coral, Bronze, Deep Golden Brown
  • Entice Me Eye Shadow Palette in Icy Pink, Icy Blue, Purple Taupe, Sparkling Purple, Deep Sparkling Navy

Smashbox Love Me Be Legendary Lipstick $19

  • Love Me (red)
  • Tempt Me (coral)

Smashbox Love Me Blush $28

  • Idolize Me (poppy pink)

Smashbox Love Me Paint Pen Eye Liner $24

I adore the shadow palettes but they look tricky with the design having that plastic “love me” embed. It would mean having to work around that plastic divider/insert and the wells might be small. That could be potentially irritating.

Note: Official word is in from Smashbox, the “Love Me” divider in the eyeshadow palettes actually lifts up and away from them making it easy to get at each shade!

The blush looks amazing as well!

I’m looking forward to trying some of it!


  • 12/19/12 16:11 Kelsey:

    That blush is GORGEOUS!


    • 12/19/12 16:14 the Muse:



  • 12/19/12 16:12 Joyce:

    Omg finally. God bless you Smashbox. I’ve been thinking for the past couple years that they need to do something radically different or edgy or SOMETHING to stand out and not go into bankruptcy. I’m very harsh 😛

    All looks great!! Especially excited for the lipsticks.


    • 12/19/12 16:13 the Muse:

      i agree, can’t recall the last cool collection they did like this ;D


    • 12/19/12 17:18 Saira:

      Oo everything is so pretty..I’m happy that Laura mercier and Stila are doing pink Soft sweet hues for spring collection that I’m so in love with!!


  • 12/19/12 16:20 K.B.:

    I love the Admire Me palette (although I agree about the packaging – that alone is keeping it from being an OMG-MUST-BUY-NOW product for me) and the blush!


    • 12/19/12 16:20 the Muse:

      *nods* agreed…little scared of the divider!


  • 12/19/12 16:26 kimkats:

    I wonder if that goofy “love me” over lay doesn’t just lift up? It sorta looks like it might from the photos – otherwise, it’s gonna be a bear to work around!

    Nicest work I’ve seen SB do for a while – Me likey!

    And now – I’m heading home before the snow gets too bad… Blizzard warning from now til noon tomorrow. Whee. Will be checking you out at home tomorrow, assuming we don’t lose power! :-{


    • 12/19/12 16:32 the Muse:

      i dunno I sure hope so though!!!!!!!!!! ;-D where are you kim? thought you were on my end of the east coast…! no blizzard here I wish! ;D Good luck be careful!!!!!!!!!!


      • 12/20/12 11:11 kimkats:

        Naw, I’m in the midwest – Nebraska to be exact! And the “blizzard” was a huge non-event. We got maybe 3 inches of snow – they were predicting 7 to 11. Bah – wish I could be wrong as often as a meteoroligst and still keep a job… 😛


        • 12/20/12 11:23 the Muse:

          lol kim aw! but you still got snow!


          • 12/21/12 11:43 Miss D:

            I just wanted to say I agree about the “Love Me” design here. These shadows are gorg but may prove a pain to deal with if one has to work around the “art”.

          • 12/21/12 11:48 the Muse:

            it actually lifts up miss d, was confirmed by smashbox that it’ll lift away so you can get at the shades ;-D

    • 12/19/12 17:06 Tammie:

      If you look closely at the palettes you can see the pans of the colors trace the letters…there is still a chance it lifts up of course but I doubt it :/


  • 12/19/12 16:30 Eileen:

    You know, I wonder if that Love Me divider doesn’t actually lift up – it looks like it has a little tab that fits over the tab to open the palette. If it actually lifts up, my wallet’s done for. This collection is gorgeous.


    • 12/19/12 16:30 the Muse:

      oh I sure hope so!!!!!!!!!


  • 12/19/12 16:42 Ruth:

    the lippies and blush look so good! come here my precious


    • 12/19/12 21:19 Ruth:

      now that it’s been confirmed that the words lift up, Smashbox just hoover my money from my wallet and give them to me


  • 12/19/12 16:54 Fancie:

    OMG everything is so cute!!


  • 12/19/12 17:04 Cynthia Ramirez:

    The Love me part looks like it’s attached to the hinge, so I’m hoping that goes up. Otherwise that is going to be a pain in the ass to work around!!


  • 12/19/12 17:07 Tammie:

    Bah Humbug! I will have to pass on the palettes seems super frustrating even though it’s adorable. I REALLY like the blush though, I might have to spring for that :X


    • 12/19/12 20:03 the Muse:

      no worries, I got word from PR today it does lift up PHEW!


      • 12/19/12 21:01 Tammie:



  • 12/19/12 17:19 AnniLau:

    I love the colors in the Admire Me palette, but I really do hope the ‘love me’ lifts up…I just can’t imagine trying to wedge my brushes in around that.


    • 12/19/12 20:02 the Muse:

      smashbox confirmed it does lift up PHEW!


      • 12/19/12 20:19 AnniLau:

        Yay! Thanks for checking.


        • 12/19/12 20:59 the Muse:

          I actually didn’t check ;-D they kindly emailed me about it ;-D! I’m just happy to hear it lifts up! makes the palettes even MORE appealing now!


  • 12/19/12 17:40 Courtney:

    Yes, the “Love Me” part lifts up!! I’ve seen the collection in person as it’s already available at my Navy Exchange! The colors are gorgeous!! =)


  • 12/19/12 19:28 Kim:

    I agree with the setiment about SB needing to do something like this to stand out more and be edgier. Excited to try this is my Sephora soon.


  • 12/19/12 19:49 Michou:

    OH I am definitely lusting after the lipstick in “Tempt Me” and the blush! SO perfect for Spring. 😀


  • 12/19/12 22:56 Debster:

    This will ruin my no-buy. UGH! Want!!


  • 12/20/12 1:32 Crystal K.:

    I LOOOOVE these. More than the NARS Andy Worhol collection…


  • 12/20/12 1:53 Tiffany Martin:

    Those palettes really do look awesome. Like everyone else I’m hoping those stupid insert things come out/flip up. If so, bang! There goes money >_>


  • 12/20/12 2:13 LINDARRAGNAR:

    I really love the look of these items!!!
    I am loving the look of the enticing palette! I just love icy colors!!!!!

    Its so good to know that the plastic divider can be removed, or else that would be a joke of a product.


  • 12/20/12 5:58 RudeGirl:

    I don’t own any Smashbox products, but that eyeshadow palette might just change that! Not that I don’t already have enough eyeshadow to last me the next decade, if the world doesn’t end this Friday… I’m a sucker for the packaging, though…


  • 12/20/12 7:00 Pixie:

    Oh my goodness, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a set so badly in my life! They’re gorgeous. What a shame the eyeshadows will retail for about 80 here :\ I guess I’ll just have to admire from afar!


  • 12/20/12 7:17 Joanna:

    The packaging is absoultely amazing!


  • 12/20/12 10:48 Danii:

    I live the Entice Me palette. Am I the only one who realized that the “Love Me” piece lifted…? Just based on the promo shot. I kinda like the blush, but I’m not sure. Not big on blush (I can’t seem to find one that I like the color, has pigmentation and looks good on.)


  • 12/24/12 10:40 Celine:

    I really do want the eye shadows because they are cute and funky, but I think $40 is over priced for something like that.


  • 12/28/12 11:34 Melissa:

    The shadow palettes are gorgeous *however* there is a major packaging flaw…how the heck can you squeeze a brush through some of those tiny crevices?!


  • 1/22/13 16:34 PharmNCharm:

    This is such a lovely collection! I adore the eyeshadows!


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