Stila Stay All Day 3D Wet-To-Set Eyeshadow Trio Spring 2013

Stila is releasing a new Stay All Day 3D Wet-To-Set Eyeshadow Trio in a variety of shades for Spring 2013. It’s been a while since Stila’s has done any smaller palettes like this so I’m curious to check them out.

They are available in six shades for $24 each and feature a raised aka 3D design.

Take a look!


  • First Light
  • Daybreak
  • Desert Sunset
  • Safari
  • Skyline
  • Thunder Cloud

These velvety shadow creates unique, luxe finishes on your lid when combined with the water. Stila promises an all day wear that’s crease-proof.

I like the looks of these a lot so I’d be curious about trying one or two shades.

They are available now at

  • 12/27/12 12:56 JoElla:

    EMERGAWD the green one is beautiful!
    Never jumped on the stila bandwagon, but this could be the deflowering for me!


    • 12/27/12 12:57 JoElla:

      I prematurly posted, I see several that I want to play with! LOL


      • 12/27/12 13:01 the Muse:

        LOL! ;-D you’re too cute. they really are VERY pretty shade selections!


  • 12/27/12 13:20 Jen_m_sunshine:

    skyline is right up my alley! muse, did you ever get the b.e. start treatment palette? just curious!


    • 12/27/12 13:24 the Muse:

      I did gonna try to review it shortly sorry for the delay!


  • 12/27/12 13:45 breyerchic04:

    They look ok but not Stila to me.
    I liked the little garden palette from last year, with flowers on it.


  • 12/27/12 14:27 Sophia:

    I seriously want all of them…. Ah so pretty!


  • 12/27/12 14:37 Kiss & Make-up:

    The one with the khaki shades is gorgeous!


  • 12/27/12 15:05 kimkats:

    Oh, my, my…..a heap o’ those look really pretty! And they’re not wildly overpriced like stila has been lately. Hmmmm….. may have to investigate these when the hit the shelves at Ulta – my jcp sephora doesn’t carry stila, except for a very few usually limited ed. things. Weird, but at least I can find it at ulta! :)

    Thanks for the heads up – I have an already friggin’ huge wannagit list for spring and this just got added to it! 😀


    • 12/27/12 15:08 the Muse:

      hehe kim my job is done here *wriggles my nose and disappears*


      • 12/27/12 15:29 kimkats:

        ROFLMAO!!! U silly gurl…. uh… where’d you go?? ;P


        • 12/27/12 15:35 the Muse:

          lol ;-D off to a makeup parallel universe! just cross your arms over your chest, wriggle your nose, blink and you can join me ;-D


  • 12/27/12 18:04 Sorchathorn:

    Skyline and Thunder Cloud! Yes please!


  • 12/28/12 14:27 Susan:

    Really pretty and great combos, but I’m thinking kinda expensive for Stila! I got a great “palette” about a year or 2 ago at Costco that had a Kajal with it for $15. Maybe I’ll just try it wet! The black/gray looks interesting because I don’t have a palette in those colors. Thanks for sharing Muse!


  • 12/30/12 1:48 Tammie:

    I’m pretty interested in that khaki one :)


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