The View from My Desk is ALWAYS Inspiring!

This view is inspiring…agreed?

  • 12/12/12 12:51 Tammie:

    But how can you work if you have to look at the weeping angel to keep it from attacking you?


    • 12/12/12 12:53 the Muse:

      both doctor’s are there to protect me ;-D


      • 12/12/12 13:59 Tammie:

        Good point~


        • 12/12/12 14:08 the Muse:

          gotta cover yourself all sides. ;-D


  • 12/12/12 13:46 Michelle:

    Ack! Weeping Angel! … Staring at screen … Must. Not. Blink. :)


    • 12/12/12 13:49 the Muse:



  • 12/12/12 14:48 Marta:

    Lol! I’m one of the weird ones who prefers Smith over Tennant, but in this classic stakeout Dr Who situation (where the characters travel to an alternate reality and live as half bodied dolls in the desk of a beauty blogger… a common situation really :-P) Tennant seems soooo much more in control and cool. Bowties are cool though.
    You are very safe in their hands madam.


    • 12/12/12 16:20 the Muse:

      baker fan here ;-D I really would like the episode! lol! ;-D ten had his issues, especially towards the end, his ego was getting too big for a sec there ;-D it led to mistakes! ;-D


  • 12/12/12 17:13 Tiffany Martin:

    Both Doctors are looking away, how unwise! I don’t think their busts can protect you, I’d be fearing for my lifetime right now if I were you…


    • 12/13/12 10:14 the Muse:

      lol no worries got tom baker’s bust on the other side of my desk and he’s looking at the angel directly, we should be safe ;D!


  • 12/13/12 2:47 Marta:

    Everybody loves the fourth! I never had a chance to watch it before the reboot, so I only have 3 choices lol. I agree, last of 10th episodes were over the top, but I think that was Russell T. Davies’ fault… Tennant had been great during the first years! And the 11th gets depresing and introspective at times to… at this point I think the last and 12th doctor should be fun and optimistic.


    • 12/13/12 10:00 the Muse:

      emo doctor in love is most def RTD’s fault. I kinda loved it but sometimes it was frustrating when you just wanted to enjoy the campy goodness of sci fi….! Agreed on the 11th, he has his moments….! sadly, Moff said that the regeneration process could be more than 12, THAT pisses me off. It’s like reinventing the wheel :-/


    • 12/13/12 14:19 Tammie:

      Ugh the last 10 “specials” are the worst, I’d read somewhere that it was RTD voicing his displeasure at having to leave…so heavy handed! Ugh! I also really hated the way 10 treated Martha sometimes. Rose was nice but 10 was super annoying about her sometimes…


      • 12/14/12 9:52 the Muse:

        lol I thought it was him being a romantic ;-D he didn’t treat her badly was just heartbroken over rose I guess!? ;-D I enjoyed Rose, she was a good companion, I think they sometimes forget the sci fi aspect, that’s what pissed me off, it got a little too emotional at times :-/


        • 12/14/12 12:30 Tammie:

          Well it could just be the haters saying that, I don’t think it’s a confirmed fact though. I don’t think he treated her badly exactly, I think he just kind of neglected her feelings and didn’t see where he was jerking her around emotionally. Basically I don’t think he did it on purpose to be a jerk (10 is actually my favorite Doctor) he was just oblivious to Martha’s feelings. I also agree that they would forget the sci fi aspect and be too much schmoopy emotional stuff, but I feel even more strongly that way about 11…especially this current season…not enough sci fi too much boo hoo :/


          • 12/14/12 12:38 the Muse:

            I kinda sorta think that’s an endearing fact for the doctor, his self absorption, because as heroic as he is sometimes he really is all about “the doctor” and really isn’t paying attention to who he’s hurting…but yeah def didn’t see him jerking her around, it was just him being as clueless as always ;-D mmm thinking about it yeah I guess there was a lot of wishy wash stuff with 11. He seemed to get stronger at some point but emo doctor is still around. I wish they’d write him with more of a backbone and less of the silliness. Don’t get me wrong, silly is way fun, but NOT every single episode where he’s stumbling around as the nutty professor with companion(s) laughing at him!

          • 12/14/12 18:15 Tammie:

            Yeah, it’s refreshing that he is flawed.

            Indeed 11 was often fine and I think Series 5 started out good but it just got darker and darker it seemed…I agree that he should have more of a backbone as well. And yeah, silly is good but it shouldn’t seem like he is being silly all the time…need a balance.

          • 12/18/12 16:40 the Muse:

            there is some balance but I think his mood swings are comical at times especially when you compare him to the Doctors of the golden age of the show ;-D I think sometimes they make it a little too childish!

  • 12/13/12 11:10 Ruth:

    if they need to run from the angel, they’re outta luck.


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