Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Cthulhu in Love for Valentine’s Day 2013

Cthulhu in Love

When I was in the 7th grade I fell in love with the Cthulhu. Yeah, that sounded slightly weird and possibly a lead in for a Japanese fan girl hentai moment. Sorry, let me correct that, I fell in love with Lovecraft. It all started out with me being a terrible bookworm you see. I was all about reading R.L. Stine and other supernatural teen rubbish.

My teacher at the time duly noted my odd addiction to trashy supernatural novels and encouraged it by introducing me to some great works of literature. To this day I blame her for my odd love affair with Victor Frankenstein, of course, Sting might have helped a LITTLE bit as well.

7th grade year was also the year she introduced me to many of H.P. Lovecraft’s smaller stories and novels. Being an avid reader of Heavy Metal for over twenty years now you could imagine that H.P. Lovecraft’s “Weird Tales” were terribly appealing to my need for anything horrifying and unusual.

Heck by the time I was of age I was positive I’d be a perfect attendee for Miskatonic University.

Needless to say I’ve grown up a little and at this point in life anything with words on it I’ll pretty much read but I still so adore anything Cthulhu related. From old D&D references to new gaming ones, the Cthulhu Mythos has always had a spot in my heart.

Being terribly romantic I’d say the reintroduction of the Lab’s Cthulhu in Love Perfume Oil is a perfect V-Day treat to tell the one you care about how truly in love you are with them.

The funny thing about this monster is Lovecraft’s version is far tamer than what you see or hear in modern day literature, games, and art and actually you wouldn’t think it, but the Great Cthulhu is apparently a great romantic at heart….!

Or so says the Lab.

Black Phoenix Lab created Cthulhu in Love sometime ago…I’m not a fan to be honest….it’s incense, kelp, ozone, ocean-y, and…chocolate…I suppose you can’t have a Cthulhu in love without V-Day chocolates. I purchased my first bottle a long while ago for obvious reasons and have since collected many of the Picnic in Arkham scents….one can’t resist…..last year, someone purchased me another bottle for Valentine’s Day and I must say the scent somehow started to grow on me. It seems like the Lab always adds something to a re-released fragrance and it seemed like last year was the year I’d finally start to LIKE Cthulhu in Love. Not love mind you but like.

Now this fine fragrance oil is back, for a limited time, and available exclusively at

If wearing it attracts tentacle-faced monsters, I’m all in. Kinda, sorta….not La Blue Girl in but on some more romantic level, something like that. Yeah….!

Happy early V-Day Cthulhu lovers!

  • 1/28/13 12:07 Suzie:

    I have been eyeing this one, not sure if I will order or not. I have developed a recent obsession with BPAL after I finally tried it, just made a Lupercalia order and also ordered some of the Stardust scents. I can totally see why people love this company, I think I’m obsessed.


    • 1/28/13 12:08 the Muse:

      suzie totally know the feeling well been collecting for ten years or so, it gets worst as time goes by ;-D I’m sadly not a fan of the Lupercalia launch, I always hope for something a bit sweeter for V-day! the stardust scents are some of my fav in the GC, they are just special! ;-D


      • 1/28/13 12:15 Suzie:

        I’m honestly kind of kicking myself for not trying BPAL sooner, I have probably been aware of it for at least a year (maybe more), but the catalog is so huge it took me forever to actually make an order! I ordered Lady Una, Fairy Wine and The East from the Stardust collection, so excited for all of them. For scents of the sweeter variety, I am obsessed with Mouse Circus.. Can you tell I’m a Neil Gaiman fan?


        • 1/28/13 12:22 the Muse:

          ditto, absolutely adore NG ;-D did you get on board with his special audio book for Halloween? You’ll love those all, Fairy Wine is particularly a fav of mine! I THINK they still offer glass apples (at the trading post) too, you should try it, very sweet and lovely. Love Mouse Circus ;-D kinda reminds me of Carnaval Diabolique popcorn blend from few years ago.


          • 1/28/13 12:52 Suzie:

            No, I didn’t know about the audiobook! I bet it was awesome too. I think I would be all over Carnaval Diabolique if it came back, I love the idea behind all of that.

          • 1/28/13 13:08 the Muse:

            it was really great, I actually blogged it ;-D it prob will return for next Halloween it was entitled Click-Clack the Rattlebag. CD is a great launch with many interesting scents, check on the Bpal Etsy account sometimes they have a few blends up ;-D I think it’ll return for Summer 2013 or at least I am hopeful! it’s dark for a little over a year now so I imagine something is in the works!?

  • 1/28/13 15:37 Cindy Ramirez:

    I don’t even care how it smells, I want it JUST for the bottle and name alone! Seeing as I’ve made very inappropriate comments on a past post involving Doc Ock and his tentacles, I am going to spare your readers from another one of THOSE posts. But you do know how I stand on the whole tentacle conversation.

    Also! Have you ever played Scribblenauts?! If you type Cthulhu one appears on the screen and havoc ensues <3


    • 1/29/13 9:43 the Muse:

      LOL my thoughts exactly I know how you love your tentacles lol! ;-D no lol now you have me curious ;-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 1/29/13 21:13 Nat:

    And if your special gal *is* a hentai fan girl, you could get her this and La Blue Girl, or Urotsukidoji (my first!) on dvd! 😀


    • 1/30/13 18:59 the Muse:

      LOL if someone gifted me with La Blue Girl for V-Day I’d be truly in love hehe! especially the live action version LMAO! better yet night shift nurses ;D


      • 1/30/13 20:06 Nat:

        Oohhh, Night Shift Nurses! Or uncut Kite or Mezzo Forte, I love Yasuomi Umetsu’s stuff! 😀


        • 1/30/13 20:10 the Muse:

          mezzo forte and kite feel like child’s play compared to NSN ;-D must be the scat LOL


        • 1/30/13 20:12 Nat:

          LOLZ OMG Muse! XD Thanks for making me laugh today, I needed that! :)


          • 1/30/13 20:14 the Muse:

            lol true though right? I mean at least you get action in the other two and sex but NSN it’s sex and $h1t but you can’t really recall an actual story line because you’re head is reeling after and you’re thinking “wait did I really just watch that? did they really just do that? Where’s the next episode and will it happen again?”


          • 1/30/13 20:26 Nat:

            ROTFLMAO that is hilarious! Yes, you are right…but to be honest, I don’t remember the plot of most hentai, I usually just skip to the bits, heehee! 😀

          • 1/30/13 20:38 the Muse:

            ha I guess it’s like saying “oh this porno had a plot” lol! I typically try to get into the story but yeah hentai isn’t exactly all about the story lol! it’s not deep dramatic meaningful anime hehehe!

  • 1/30/13 1:12 Quinctia:

    I don’t know anything about Lovecraft, really, but I love BPAL’s Shub Niggurath! XD


    • 1/30/13 10:06 the Muse:

      yay love finding another fellow bpal lover.


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