If I Had $240 I’d Buy….

Valmont Firming Lifting Corrector Eye Factor II Cream

Valmont Firming Lifting Corrector Eye Factor II Cream, because $240 eye cream HAS TO WORK! Right?

Yeast extract (we could possibly get that for -$240 somewhere right?) strengthens the eye area while a firming corrector decreases wrinkles and leaves skin smoother and brighter.

No confirmed yet but there’s possibly 14K gold inside the eye cream. Kidding! But $240 is above my budget. The most I’ve paid for eye cream….hmmm prob a $150+ for La Mer and that was duty free so I felt a little less guilty about it. After that’s it’s been around $50-$80 mark but never more….! Right now I’m a PM chronic user of Philosophy’s Miracle Worker Eye Cream, must try the new one they released and that’s no where near the $300 mark.

If I had a disposable income maybe $240 would fly but even I’m not so crazy to cough up that amount for an eye cream.


Do share!

I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad!

P.S. How’s your week treating you? I’m hoping it’ll be over soon! I’m SO tired. Must be the weather?! I’m dreading the time change (it’s right around the corner). I need a vacay and soon! I was thinking Chicago for Spring. Any plans for a Spring break getaway for you?

  • 1/30/13 20:31 Tammie:

    My day has been a bit busy but otherwise alright, had some tasty sushi for lunch…tomorrow is my birthday so I am looking forward to that kind of (not sure if anything is really going on on my actual birthday day).


  • 1/30/13 20:39 Cj:

    For $240 it better give me X-ray vision lol!, my week has been a little hectic with my mom going on her annual remodeling spree. She keeps trying to get me to change my room, no doubt to make her feel better for changing the whole house lol! Who knows maybe I can get one of those fancy jet tubs for my bathroom 😛


  • 1/30/13 20:48 Icequeen81:

    say waaaaa? this must be a miracle work cream to caught that amount in one shot for an eye cream.
    I rather spend that amount on bills


  • 1/30/13 20:54 Jules:

    That’s for someone with more money than sense.


    • 1/31/13 9:51 Renee:

      Is’nt that the truth.. LOL.


  • 1/30/13 21:58 sylvia:

    pff for that kind of $ you could opt for botox, laser, or fillers to address any concerns you have


  • 1/31/13 9:49 Alchemy:

    Does it do your bills for you as well?


    • 1/31/13 9:52 the Muse:

      mmm walks the dog too! 😀


      • 1/31/13 10:00 Alchemy:

        Woo if it also feeds the cat and will go to work for me then sign me up! Ha ha.


        • 1/31/13 10:05 the Muse:

          ha ditto!


  • 1/31/13 11:45 Cindy Ramirez:

    240 dollars for an eye cream? Well if it did do everything it promised, I don’t think I could stomach paying that much for a product I’m going to eventually run out of. D; I could do so much more with that 240. Like buy video gamez. ;]

    My week has been filled with super early mornings, like getting up at 4am for work. Me no gusta. I’m on the same page as you with being tired. It needs to be the weekend already!


  • 1/31/13 11:58 Weian:

    I don’t know if this is related, but yeast extract is MSG lol…


  • 1/31/13 13:22 Iris:

    Wow at the price.
    I wonder how well it works.


  • 1/31/13 14:14 Majick:

    I should check out Philosophy Miracle Worker since I’ve never tried that one.

    My new FAVORITE: TARTE Maracuja Brightening Eye Cream (I think it’s $38?) ANYWHo… did one eye with Tarte and one with Lancome Genefique Pearl and let my experts at Ulta decide what eye looked better.

    Tarte won the test from 3 different makeup artists/sales assoc.

    I can’t imagine paying $240 for just one eye cream. Yikes!


  • 1/31/13 15:27 Amy Amethyst:

    Yeah I think it’s crazy to pay that much. I really don’t see an eye cream being so good that I would shell out that much money.


  • 1/31/13 16:13 Eraser:

    Eek… but doesn’t Shiseido have face cream in the $300-500 category?


  • 2/2/13 14:23 SweetiePie54:

    If I had disposable income I would buy a La Mer product. I’ve been hearing about them for years and I always wonder if it is worth the hype.


  • 2/7/13 23:57 christine:

    my friends mother actually uses this line… and too say that least.. doesnt seem to work for her :( (As far as i can tell )


  • 5/13/14 0:54 Wendy:

    I have to confess that this eye cream is amazing!i love all of the Valmont products I’ve tried, and wish I could afford them all. I pony up for this eye cream and their Renewing Pack mask which you can wear overnight. SO GOOD!


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