It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Lipstick Butter Trio

It’s ok if you absolutely have to have the new It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Lipstick Butter Trio. Run to your TV they are prob just popping up on QVC at the moment during the New Year, New You showing.

I played around with them last night and will review them shortly and so far I am in love.

Vitality Lip Flush Lipstick Butters are an ultra-hydrating lipstick, lip gloss, and antiaging, lip-conditioning balm all in one hybrid that help soothe and protect lips while giving you a gorgeous flush of color.

They do ALL that but still It Cosmetics still hasn’t successfully created a lip product to walk the dog, cook dinner, and take out the trash. Perhaps the next new product release.

The innovative formula works to help hydrate, condition, and nourish your lips while minimizing the appearance of lip lines plus, Vitality Lip Flush Lipstick Butters contain antioxidants that provide protection from wrinkle-causing free radicals.

I love the original Vitality formula, like LOVE it so I was hyped at this new variation.

Part is the $33 price tag that gets you three full size flushes today on


  • Vitality Lip Flush Lipstick Butter in Pillow (sheer nude pink shade)
  • Vitality Lip Flush Lipstick Butter in In Love (sheer flushed cranberry red shade)
  • Vitality Lip Flush Lipstick Butter in Darling (sheer rosy pink shade)

Tried ’em?

Do share!

Review and swatches upcoming!

  • 1/18/13 13:20 Jen_M_sunshine:

    Ooh these look like they could be good!


    • 1/18/13 13:27 Jen_M_sunshine:

      Oh btw, just bought the tangerine and berry bare escentuals gloss balms from remix collection. Hope they keep these around or expand! Thanks for the review.


      • 1/18/13 13:29 the Muse:

        not a review jen ;-D I’ll be reviewing soon but this is just a post about the product/where to buy/etc…I’m still testing ;-D


        • 1/18/13 13:34 Jen_M_sunshine:

          Thought I was on the bare escentuals gloss review page not the IT when posted. Oops sorry about that! Too many windows open ; s


          • 1/18/13 13:39 the Muse:

            lol no worries!

  • 1/18/13 13:49 Tammie:

    This sounds amazing @_@. It Cosmetics makes me sad that all the CVS Beauty 360 stores closed because that was the only brick & mortar store that carries the brand was :X


  • 1/18/13 20:23 Diane:

    So far i am really liking these!!! They are leaving my lips so soft!


  • 1/18/13 21:40 Josie:

    These look great! Speaking of It Cosmetics, have you tried the new IT-O2 Oxygen Liquid Foundation?


  • 1/19/13 8:34 Wendy:

    Mom, theses look absolutely lovely!


  • 1/20/13 17:14 Christy:

    These look so pretty. Can I only get them on QVC or do they also sell them in stores? I’m a touchy feely type person so I like to swatch before I buy, but in this case I might have to go ahead and buy. lol xxx Christy


    • 1/21/13 9:34 the Muse:

      on its’ website christy and qvc that’s about all I know sells it cosmetics…sorry :(


  • 1/28/13 19:12 Liza:

    I really want to try these. I ordered some of the original Vitality Lip Flushes because I heard so many great things but now I want these too! I want to try their new foundation too. im a huge fan of their brushes.


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