Laura Geller Set-n-Stay Makeup Setting Spray on Trend for Spring 2013

Setting sprays seem to be trending for Spring so I was happy to see that the legend behind Speckle Primer has her own Set-nStay Makeup Setting Spray launched for Spring 2013.

Laura Geller Set-n-Stay Makeup Setting Spray is a little pricey at $29 for 4.2 oz but I’d be willing to try it and see what incredibleness Laura has created!

This is a lightweight setting spray that keeps makeup fresh for long-lasting wear that contains powerful adhering ingredients with antioxidant properties for lasting, skin-smoothing wear. The fine, non-sticky mist soothes skin with a refreshing, shine-free finish, and skin-pampering ingredients help hydrate and retain moisture.

Sounds interesting!

I haven’t personally tried it but it is tempting.

It’s available now at

  • 1/14/13 15:03 Lisa:

    Skindinavia setting spray is the same price and I love that stuff! Maybe if they have a special intro price on QVC or include it in a package deal with other products I’d give it a try. Otherwise I will stick with Skindinavia (who also makes Urban Decay’s All Nighter)


  • 1/14/13 16:04 BLee:

    I like my MAC, but would love to know how they differ if you have the MAC one??? 😀 TIA


    • 1/14/13 16:05 BLee:

      DUH!! just saw you are tempted.


      • 1/14/13 16:08 the Muse:

        no worries :)


    • 1/14/13 16:05 the Muse:

      can’t really say blee as I haven’t tried the Laura Geller one so can’t compare them.


  • 1/14/13 22:52 Josh :D:

    Alcohol Free? Count me curious. I like the MUFE Mist n Fix but I’d be willing to try this (I don’t use the alcohol laden sprays from Skindinavia or UD)


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