Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Eyeshadow Swatches

Maybelline has launched five new shades of Color Tattoo Metal Eyeshadow for Spring 2013. Considering I have a fairly brilliant track record with their Color Tattoos I was all about hunting, locating, and making these bad boys mind.

I got four of the five shades released as I wasn’t lucky enough to find all of ’em but hey, four of five are pretty excellent odds yes?

Take a look!

Loving the Tardis blue aka Electric Blue yes? It’s so vibrant! Not sure I can do it all over my lid but I think it’ll pair amazingballz with the Gold Rush shade.

I also happen to be in lust with Inked in Pink! But I do question if we need another beige in our lives.

Inked by Pink, Gold Rush, Electric Blue, Barely Branded

I’m not getting much metallic from these, they appear more shimmery which is a good thing.

Review is upcoming shortly!

Love to hear your thoughts, issues, or great time with these guys if you tried ’em already!

  • 1/2/13 18:42 Ashley:

    I’m super excited to get my hands on these because I love the others. I’m curious how this beige compare to barely beige?


    • 1/2/13 18:57 the Muse:

      very similar seems………….! will compare :)


    • 1/2/13 19:00 blueraccoon:

      Barely beige is pinker than barely branded – I have them both and swatched on my arm. They are pretty similar, though! hth.


      • 1/2/13 20:39 BooBooNinja:

        Thanks, blueraccon.
        Bella, when/if you compare Barely Beige and Barely Branded, could you comment on their texture, blendability, creasibility, etc too? I’ve read colour comparisons, but nothing on how the formulas fare head to head.


      • 1/2/13 20:47 BooBooNinja:

        Is Barely Branded a lot more metallic and/or frosty than Barely Beige?


        • 1/2/13 23:02 blueraccoon:

          I don’t know if I’d say a *lot* more? barely beige is pretty frosty, but barely branded seems to have more shimmer/metallic in it.


          • 1/3/13 0:27 BooBooNinja:

            Thanks, girlie!

  • 1/2/13 18:55 Icequeen81:

    Barely branded is really pretty


  • 1/2/13 18:59 Tammie:

    I snatched up Inked in Pink the moment I saw it. Love it 😀


  • 1/2/13 19:31 Kelly:

    Wow I love the Electric Blue! I will have to pick up for sure.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • 1/2/13 19:48 the Muse:

      my pleasure kelly!


  • 1/2/13 20:26 Susan:

    I got Inked in Pink and Barely Branded at Ulta. Love them both! Barely Branded makes a nice base for other shadows too.


  • 1/2/13 21:55 Tiffany:

    Anyone know if these are permanent?


  • 1/2/13 23:11 ktb:

    All 5 of these are available on right now


  • 1/2/13 23:59 jcbg:

    Are these limited edition?


  • 1/3/13 1:11 Lorraine ER:

    That blue is gorg. Does it apply evenly/wear well?


  • 1/3/13 4:45 Marta:

    I could cry enough to oxidize whatever yucky metal Daleks are made of. (Yes, robot aliens, that’s a threat >.>) Last Color Tattoo collection (the one with Mossy Green & Barely Beige) didn’t get release here, I doubt this one will either. Sucks, because I love the formula and I’d use neutrals far more often. Maybelline is doing something weird in Europe, we don’t get the same shades (Tough as Taupe wasn’t available, ever) and all of them have different names. I don’t get it. Thanks for the swatches though, maybe I’ll try to get that pink on ebay…


  • 1/3/13 5:07 Suzanne:

    Ohmygod I want these! We only have 6 colors of the original Color Tattoo’s in The Netherlands. Very dull :( The silverwhite, the gold, taupe, blue, charcoal and the bronze. I’d love to get the LE’s here but no such luck!


  • 1/3/13 7:26 Amandale:

    I hate blue on my eyes, it just looks weird but this blue looks really nice =) Love the light pink shade as well.


  • 1/3/13 7:27 TwirlyGirly:

    Absolutely LOVE Color Tattoos, but I’m baffled as to why after all this time Maybelline STILL hasn’t released a matte nude and a matte black. Basics, please!!


  • 1/3/13 8:06 K.B.:

    I think I’ll skip Gold Rush, but I’m definitely picking up a Barely Branded. I’m so glad these shades are permanent because I can take my time picking one up. I’m not someone who’ll run all over town looking for a product (I’d like to think that’s a sign that my makeup purchasing isn’t out of control, but it might also be due to laziness…). :)


  • 1/3/13 8:33 BLee:

    Wow, looks like the MAC LE Fresco Rose is a dupe for Inked In Pink, but it a pearl finish. Do you have it to compare, Muse? :)


    • 1/3/13 9:00 the Muse:

      fresco rose, hm not really a dupe…! I’ll check my stash Blee :)


      • 1/3/13 11:42 BLee:

        Okay, Ill be checking back to see what you come up with. Sometimes its hard when your comparing hand swatches to the computer swatches *silly me* 😛


        • 1/3/13 11:44 the Muse:

          swatches are tough all around. getting the right lighting, plus how it appears on your monitor versus mine, etc…sometimes shades look utterly different in person 😀


  • 1/3/13 9:22 Jen_m_sunshine:

    I just got barely branded as loved barely beige. I wish they would make the 4 they came out with late last year permanent but at least I think the barely branded is. I am intrigued by inked pink but scared it will make my eyes look too red as I suffer from a lot of redness around them already……looking forward to see your beautiful face with these on your eyes Muse!!!! BTW – am sporting a red lippie today in your honor! You have inspired me!


  • 1/3/13 10:16 Christina:

    I was fortunate enough to get all 5 colors. I like Inked in Pink so much I bought back up, even though it’s not a Limited Edition release. Speaking of which (and all the comments about Barely Beige reminded me), I really wish Maybelline would make those lovely neutrals that were released in the Fall as Limited Edition (which included Barely Beige) part of the permanent collection.


    • 1/3/13 10:47 the Muse:

      I AGREE! :( damn shame they were LE I do wonder if these are!?


  • 1/3/13 10:45 ABI:

    They’re like the Illusion Ombre by Chanel… but cheaper!! 😀


  • 1/3/13 11:23 Christina:

    I left a comment on the Maybelline website regarding the Fall 2012 LE colors (can you tell I’ve been bored at work?). I was pleasantly surprised to get a reply, although the answer was uninspiring: my suggestion to make the LE neutrals part of the permanent collection would be forwarded to the appropriate parties. Okie-dokie, can you say blow-off? Who knows, maybe if they get enough suggestions, Maybelline will make them permanent. BTW I’ve heard from someone who works at CVS that the Metal Color Tattoos are going to be added to the permanent display.


  • 1/3/13 11:23 Cj:

    I got barely branded, no issues at all, applies smoothly, stays on forever, doesn’t crease, it’s great :) I’ve been wearing it as an all over, I like it way better than barely beige


  • 1/3/13 13:19 Iris:

    Barely Branded looks good. I’ll be on the lookout to see if they’re available in Canada and snap one up, as I’ve heard they’re LE.


    • 1/3/13 18:03 BooBooNinja:

      Hey Iris, I heard that these were released in Canada before the US. If you don’t see them at your drugstore, it’s possible they’ve already been snapped up and you’ll have to wait for them to be restocked. HTH.


      • 1/5/13 2:11 Iris:

        Thank you for the info and the tip. I’ll be looking for them, and there’s no rush as I’ve read below from Paige how they’re ongoing.


  • 1/3/13 14:49 Tennyoceres:

    Electric (now Tardis) Blue is so amazing and intense! I have to use it as a thin liner during the day because wow it pops.

    I’m waiting for an evening event so I have an excuse to pair Tardis (formerly Electric) Blue with Gold Rush


    • 1/3/13 15:30 the Muse:

      that’s the exactly the look I want to create Tenny! the blue and gold seem like they’ll SIZZLE together!


  • 1/3/13 20:06 JenJ:

    I picked up Electric Blue and Inked in Pink. Not sure about the Gold one and Barely Branded reminds me of Barely Beige.


  • 1/3/13 20:32 Tiffany Martin:

    I bought the last inked in pink at my local kmart! I was lucky because everywhere else I went they were all gone >:


  • 1/3/13 22:07 Rosie in NYC(makeup freak:

    Tres chic Indeed my dear looking forward to trying the silver and gold ones hugs Rosie in nyc feel better doll <3


  • 1/3/13 23:00 Laura S.:

    I was planning to get both Inked in Pink and Barely Branded, as I missed out on the LE Barely Beige, but I just wasn’t sure if I should, as I have extremely oily lids and other cream shadows/bases have dissapointed me. However, I actually found a bunch of the Maybelline Unstoppable shadow sticks at Dollar Tree, so I bought every color they had! They actually work great and only cost me a $1 each. I got several neutral, wearable shades, including a pink and a beige.


  • 1/4/13 0:35 Paige Wilson:

    Maybelline has been asked several times on twitter and these tattoos appear to be permanent, from the tweets i have seen :) i have barely branded and i love it!


    • 1/5/13 2:10 Iris:

      That’s good to know! For both counts. :)


  • 1/5/13 0:58 Ruthless:

    I got the pink gold and beige/cream. The cream is my least favorite, it’s VERY frosty on me. Pink is awesome, I use it all the time. I wish I’d picked up the blue but oh well.


  • 1/5/13 16:49 Crystal:

    I think they make beautiful colors, but I wish they would make a satin or creme finish product. I can’t pull these off solo and any shadow I put over them is super duper frosty.


    • 1/11/13 20:20 BooBooNinja:

      I’m with you, Crystal! I’m about to open my Barely Beige; I hope I can make it work for me.


  • 1/9/13 3:48 Avalith:

    Barely Branded looks a lot like Barely Beige which I already have! But Barely Beige was a limited edition so I guess I can use this if I ever… EVER run out! But I think they dry out before I run out of them lol


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