Neutrogena Crease Proof Eyeshadow for Spring 2013

Neutrogena Crease Proof Eyeshadow might be one to get excited about dears. These cream shadow sticks are launching for Spring 2013 in drugstores in six shade selections.

I’m all about cream shadows myself lately so yeah, def want to try. Could be good!

Crease Proof Eyeshadow is an anti-oxidant rich formula that nourishes the delicate eye area. With a built-in primer perverts creasing, fading and smudging these silky color shades have light reflecting pearls instantly brightens eyes.


  • Stay Golden
  • Forever Platinum
  • Perfect Pink
  • Constant Copper
  • Lasting Taupe
  • Stay Put Plum

A few of the shades like Stay Golden, Perfect Pink, and Constant Copper sound very me!

Think I’ll haul ’em.

How’s your week treating you? Mine is kicking my butt. After having four days off and coming down with a bad cold I’m feeling like this is the longest week ever. How is that possible when my first day back at work was yesterday?

Well Happy Almost Weekend!

Can’t wait!

P.S. They released a really bogus GoT’s Sneak Peek trailer…damn thing had all scenes from last season in it. WTH? Why you tease us for? Is it be 03-31-2013 yet? I’m awaiting Winter.

  • 1/3/13 10:31 Christina:

    Just an FYI that I bought Pink, Copper, Taupe and Plum at Harmon’s ($7.79 each). The display only contained those four, but I will be on the lookout for Platinum and Golden, too.


  • 1/3/13 10:54 K.B.:

    I laugh at any eyeshadow that claims to be crease proof, but I’m still interested in the taupe, the gold, and the plum.


  • 1/3/13 11:25 Cj:

    Huh I haven’t seen these yet, stay golden looks like it’ll be right up my alley 😛


  • 1/3/13 11:47 BLee:

    Plum must be mine :) Love cream eye colors for a quick out the door MU day.


    • 1/3/13 11:53 BLee:

      OMG, Muse you got hit again with a virus or is it still on you? :( My weekend is getting all my Christmas things down and painting some rooms. Its been almost 10 years and they need a new look. Its another fun thing to give a new makeover to a room in your house. Did two rooms two years ago and now Im itching to do it again.


      • 1/3/13 11:56 the Muse:

        hit again ;-D relapse? was great over the holiday but started feeling poorly yesterday. same here, I hope I feel well enough to do it. Really want it up and into storage. Tired of it now lol! brilliant good luck with the painting ;D!


        • 1/3/13 14:40 BLee:

          Oooh, so sorry. Sounds like a new bug:((( blast those nasty things. Eat some chicken veggie noodle soup and lots of rest.


          • 1/3/13 16:33 the Muse:

            gonna try ;-D <3 hugs thanks for the well wishes!

  • 1/3/13 11:49 Amy Amethyst:

    Yeah crease proof my butt. Nothing is crease proof on my eyelids! Even with primer I will crease.


  • 1/3/13 12:57 Littlecreek:

    If these have any pigment at all, we should be good friends this spring.


  • 1/3/13 18:28 Cait:

    I bought the taupe one. The pigmentation isn’t fantastic at all but I actually like that for a quick natural look. It gives me a little color while still looking really natural


  • 1/3/13 21:32 blueraccoon:

    I almost picked up the Lasting Taupe but decided I wanted to see a review first. I don’t know if I have oily eyelids–maybe a bit–but I have wrinkly eyelids /o\ (and i’m in my early 30s!) so things tend to crease on me.


  • 1/8/13 12:41 Liza:

    Don’t get too excited. I’m wearing “Stay Put Plum” for the first time today and I am MAJORLY disappointed. First of all, the color is awful. It is NOTHING like the purple/violet shade shown on the card. It’s more of a grey-ish, taupe-ish color with a very slight purple tinge to it. It goes on terribly patchy and is almost impopssible to blend. And, worst of all, although I’ve only had it on for less than 5 hours, it’s creasing pretty bad. I should have waited for a review before I wasted me money on this.


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