Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer for Spring 2013

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer has launched in two shade selections at drugstores for Spring 2013. As you know from my early post Olay Fresh Effects is a newly launched Skincare Collection that features a few products that should appeal outside Olay’s typical mature age demographic and may gather the eye of teens and twenty sometimes with this new line.

The addition of this new BB Cream alone should garner interest from a wide variety of women (and men) who are just now learning about BB Creams. I mentioned in a few posts already the BB Cream will get an even bigger push for Spring and here we are already discussing a new one from Olay.

It’s unfortunate they choose to name it BB Cream and Tinted Moisturizer….that should account for how sheer it probably will be.

One of the more shocking elements here is the whooping 2.5 oz size! Wow. Impressive. That’s a hell of a lot of BB/TM to get through.

This contains a weak SPF 15 sadly….!

The back panel explains that it’s an oil free BB Cream and they go into detail about BB Creams being Asian’s hottest beauty sensation, damn shame they obviously know nothing about BB Cream considering they dubbed this both a BB Cream and a tinted moisturizer.

Head desk.

The formula supposed helps hide imperfections while minimizing the need for concealer and foundation….hmmmmmmm….

I haven’t tried it yet so I really shouldn’t knock it.

I believe it is $14.99 (a friend purchased it for me so can’t confirm, I’ll check with him and post the exact price in my review).

I’ll review shortly.

If you tried it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • 1/7/13 19:51 Phyrra:

    It kills me a little inside when something is called BB Cream is not full coverage. I feel like the sheer coverage ones give people the wrong idea.


    • 1/8/13 0:14 Lorraine ER:

      Agreed, Phyrra. I was so excited to hear that BB creams were coming here and especially in drugstores because I didn’t want the hassle of ordering an Asian BB cream online. So far none of the people who have used the original BB creams say there’s US drugstore versions that are similar. It’s too bad, and for people who don’t know that the original versions live up to their claims they’ll probably just figure BB cream is just a new name for tinted moisturizer.
      On the plus side, if you like tinted moisturizer there’s now plenty of inexpensive options to choose from.


  • 1/7/13 20:04 Josh :D:

    This one does have quite a bit of Niacinamide in it though, so, it should ACTUALLY do something skincare wise!


  • 1/7/13 20:35 Tigrrrl:

    I’ve tried this and actually like it. Coverage is light, but it still does a nice job of minimizing imperfections. It held up well during a Saturday of errands. The “Fair to Light” shade is actually perfect for my skin. I wish it had SPF 25 like Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Enhancer TM (which doesn’t match my skin nearly as well, even in the “Ivory to Fair” shade…go figure!) But while a higher SPF would be nice, unless you’re planning to be outdoors for an extended period, the Olay product would probably be OK most of the time.


  • 1/7/13 20:54 Dory:

    I’m still optimistic about Olay’s “BB cream”, they tend to make high quality products, and it may be a nice tinted moisturizer regardless


  • 1/7/13 23:49 blueraccoon:

    I’m cautiously interested in this? The lack of SPF doesn’t bother me *too* much as I live in the dark Pacific Northwest *and* I work in a windowless room so my sun exposure is about nil these days, and I don’t really need or want more than light coverage most days, so I’ll be curious to see what you think of it. I did just try the Neutrogena TM and I like that, so I’ll be adding that into my rotation :) The lack of *actual* BB cream in this does bug me, though.


    • 1/8/13 9:36 the Muse:

      gotta say off topic, but if you want light coverage, do try urban decay’s new baked balm I actually love it! I thought I’d hate it but it really is lovely stuff!


      • 1/8/13 16:14 blueraccoon:

        I will keep that in mind! Although I saw your review and I’m pretty fair, so do you think it’s still worth it? I’ll see if I can get a sample first, I think.


        • 1/8/13 16:29 the Muse:

          hey blue….mmm no to be honest. swatch it in store if you can. I feel like if you’re super fair you might not see the benefits of it. It seems to be one of those products that will work for medium to medium fair and possibly lighter tan skin tones…but not on pale/fair/english rose tones. but I could be WAY off because a few reader’s with fair skin are raving it.


          • 1/9/13 1:33 blueraccoon:

            Just as a note Muse – I picked the Olay up on impulse when I stopped by Walgreens tonight, and I actually really like it! It has this really nice fresh scent that’s almost kind of herbal, maybe? It makes me feel like I’m about to spritz toner on my face instead of apply makeup. And the coverage is pretty decent – not like a true BB cream, but it’s light coverage, which is all I need. Looks fantastically natural, although I set with powder bc I’m oily. I can totally see this becoming my go-to staple. I hope you like it :)

          • 1/9/13 9:09 the Muse:

            sounds good blue! I’m testing now! glad to hear you liked it! ;-D yay success!

  • 1/8/13 8:21 Joan:

    I will give this a try. I’ve been waiting for Olay to come out with a BB cream. I’m a big fan of the Olay Complete line of moisturizers, so I’m on board with this.


  • 1/8/13 9:57 K.B.:

    $15!! For a drugstore tinted moisturizer (excuse me, “BB cream”)?! I’ll admit that I was going to talk myself into picking this up (even though I hate tinted moisturizers) because the packaging was so pretty, but I’d rather throw away $7 on the CoverGirl “BB cream” than $15 for this Olay “BB Cream.”

    The low SPF doesn’t bother me because I apply an SPF 40 sunscreen every day, rain or shine.


  • 1/8/13 10:42 kimkats:

    Oh man…..2.5 ounces?! Jeez – that’s huge! All these new things are gonna kill me! This sounds like it might be nice too – It’ll be interesting to see how the shades swatch. I think your skin and mine are about the same shade, Muse, so I can usually wear the same shade as you! Waiting eagerly for your review!


    • 1/8/13 10:49 the Muse:

      Kim, jai actually purchased both shades for me so I’ll swatch both of ’em so we can get an idea which one would be the best suited for our tones ;-D and yeah 2.5 oz is a very generous size! Impressive!


  • 1/8/13 14:44 Angela:

    Somehow I felt that western brands are labeling/coming out with new tinted moisturizers with bb cream because most of them is literally just a tinted moisturizer. They are very light but hardly have any coverage. However, the “original” bb creams I’ve tried from Asian brands offer great coverage without being cakey. I think that’s point. BB cream is suppose to give you natural looking makeup without the feel that we’ve slapped on tons of foundation. But natural doesn’t mean no coverage.


  • 1/8/13 18:23 Sayre:

    Wish the shade selection was better. Anything that says it is Fair/Light almost always ends up being too dark for my very fair skin. And what about the dark skin tones?


  • 1/9/13 13:19 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    Color me intrigued since it’s oil-free!


  • 1/17/13 10:49 Abi:

    Just bought this and it’s going back. You get a lot of product, but in the saddest packaging – they really didn’t put much effort in this one. And the product itself? Zero coverage, with a sheen that hilights fine lines, and a strange gritty texture. Blech. And somehow, it managed to make my acne marks appear redder. I don’t know if it’s irritating, or my skin is sensitive to an ingredient or what, but this is the first face cosmetic I’ve ever tried that actually made my skin look much worse than wearing nothing at all.


    • 1/17/13 10:59 the Muse:

      ugh abi sorry to hear it! can’t say I am surprised


  • 1/17/13 11:23 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    I actually ended up buying this! I got $5 off because the display was marked incorrectly, so they gave it to me for $8. Let’s just say – it’s NOT a BB cream, but I think we all knew that going into it. It has BARELY an coverage. Seriously, hardly any at all. I apply several layers just to get anything working for me. However, it does seem to blur my pores a bit and overall make my face look smoother. I find that I keep reaching for it, though. I’ve not been getting much sleep lately so I wake up late and have to rush, rush, rush. This is nice for days when my skin is pretty clear and I just want to blur my pores but don’t need major coverage. I use concealer under my eyes. I will say that the biggest downfall of this is SHINE! I’m talking mirror-like shine on my forehand within 3 minutes of application. Powder is an absolute must with this one. I use blotting sheets throughout the day. Honestly, the coverage is almost zilch. I think this would make a nice product for a younger girl who is just starting to get into makeup because there’s really not a possibility of her going overboard with it.


    • 1/17/13 11:26 the Muse:

      I’m not surprised at all!


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