Olay Professional Pro-X Even Skin Tone Collection

I’m excited to try out the new Olay Professional Pro-X Even Skin Tone Collection launching soon. I haven’t had the best luck in the world with affordable dark spot correctors and whitening treatments but I’m quite curious about this collection and will be checking it out when it launches.

Take a look!

Olay Professional Pro-X Even Skin Tone Correcting Protocol Kit $54.99

  • Pro-X Spot Fading Treatment: Concentrated treatment hydrates to improve overall skin for more even skin tone.
  • Pro-X Brightening Renewal Cream: Nourishing hydration helps improve skin brightness and evenness.
  • Pro-X Anti-Oxidant Sunscreen Sheer Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 35: Sheer formula provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and contains anti-oxidants to help prevent surface free radical damage, a cause of future skin tone damage.

Olay Professional Pro-X Even Skin Tone Spot Fading Treatment $44.99
This concentrated treatment hydrates to improve overall skin for brighter, more even skin tone.

It’s a little pricey for drugstore skincare but I’d be willing to check it out and see if it works.

The Skin Tone Spot Fading Treatment is available now however, the correcting kit won’t be available until February 1st (it can be prebooked though from Drugstore.com).

I’ll bring you a review of both products when I try them out for myself.


Think it might be worth checking out?

Been burned too much before by drugstore skincare?

Do share!

  • 1/14/13 12:21 telle:

    I would try this one time, at least. I have heard a great variety of people about the goodness and trust worthiness of Olay, so I don’t think it could hurt to try the kit! I am really excited to! YAY!


  • 1/14/13 12:25 Chelsea:

    I tried the spot fading treatment for a month or so with no difference :( It didn’t break me out or give me an allergic reaction though, which most serums and skin care products do.


    • 1/14/13 12:28 the Muse:

      any brightening at all Chelsea?


  • 1/14/13 12:42 Jill:

    Ooh I love Olay! The sunscreen sounds really good, hopefully it will be offered outside of the kit as well.

    Also – I read that spot fading treatments are only effective on age spots, not acne scars. The only thing that ever works on my acne scars is time & good sun protection (which is why I’m excited for a new sunscreen!)


    • 1/14/13 12:43 the Muse:

      hey jill I’m hopeful it’ll brighten my skin up and perhaps work on smaller dark spots…! 😀


  • 1/14/13 12:56 JoElla:

    I am always in the market for a good SPF, and I have been quite happy with the rengerist line. I think I will give this a whirl.


  • 1/14/13 22:09 Amiee:

    I may try this. I did try their acne kit and that did nothing for me. Garniers overnight peel and Yes to Grapefruit day moisturizer are working out alright for me now so I may not even risk screwing up my skin and having more breakouts. We’ll see!


  • 1/15/13 10:39 Linda:

    I actually tried the Spot Fade Treatment, but my skin reacted terribly to the dimethicone. By the 3rd day, my cheeks and temple areas were clogged and bumpy…I was sooo bummed…I really wanted to like this too because the texture was nice, unscented, non greasy, and absorbed quickly into the skin.


    • 1/15/13 10:43 the Muse:

      oh damn I hope it works ok for me!


  • 1/30/13 12:14 Hopeful:

    I have tried and really like Olay Regenerist, so I am hoping this product will work…I’d like to fade some freckles/age spots. I, however, have not seen great reviews, just OK reviews, but this is a fairly new product. I’ll keep y’all posted!


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