Spray Foundations…

I just can’t get on board with ’em!

  • 1/9/13 19:26 Angela:

    I actually have this and I think the trick is to spray it onto a makeup sponge or brush first instead of spraying it onto the face directly, which works much better for me.


  • 1/9/13 19:49 charlotte:

    Yeah.. no. I would have it everywhere especially in my hair.


  • 1/10/13 0:26 leya:

    I don’t think I will every try a spray foundation. I want to be able to control the foundation as I slap it on with my fingers.. :-)


  • 1/10/13 8:37 Kimmwc03:

    Yea, me neither. I’d like to try the Dior one but it seems odd to me (and pricey).


  • 1/10/13 13:48 Majick:

    I really don’t see the point of a spray foundation when all the experts tell you to spray it on a sponge and then apply. WTF? Airbrush stuff is a little more controllable but I think foundation would end up covering everything eventually. Kind of like mineral powder if you’re not careful. LOL


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