Stila Valentine’s Day Cheek Palette Available at Nordstrom

Stila Valentine's Day Cheek Palette

Just ordered Stila’s Valentine Day Cheek Palette at for $14 and Free Shipping.

Can’t wait to get it!

Just thought I’d let you guys know if you’re lemming it after I blogged it last week!


P.S. Crossing fingers, toes, and legs for no frost, no frost, no frost!

  • 1/23/13 18:42 breyerchic04:

    I really would like to see you do an entry where you swatch two products (shadow, blush whatever) that are similiar colors but one is “frosty” and the other isn’t, but is still shimmery. Because I’m not totally sure I get the differentiation.


  • 1/23/13 18:58 Cindy Ramirez:

    Yay! This is adorbz and totally appropriate for V-day. Cant wait for the review.


  • 1/23/13 19:24 Tammie:

    I got it and then returned it…it’s cute and not frosty (more of a glow) but I had a bit of trouble with the fuchsia not blending so great and being patchy…also it’s a bit soft :x.


    • 1/24/13 9:24 the Muse:

      damn! I still want though hehe!


      • 1/24/13 13:12 Tammie:

        You might have better luck than I did, so I don’t think you should pass on it just because I didn’t like it anyway :). When properly blended it’s a beautiful glow that looks like it’s worth more than $15.


        • 1/25/13 9:26 the Muse:

          hey tam I’ll prob feel the same, we have similiar tastes :)!


          • 1/25/13 13:04 Tammie:

            Very true! Only exception is mascara, since I tend to not ask much of them anyway haha

          • 1/25/13 15:14 the Muse:

            ha ditto!

  • 1/24/13 9:24 Caitlin:

    Not lemming, but I do think it’s really pretty. I like the “love” on it. :)


  • 1/25/13 4:16 Joyce:

    This looks pretty! Looking forward to your review!!


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