the Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette Sneak Peek

the Balm’s new Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette is available for pre-order at and he is HUGE…wow…that sounded slightly dirty.

Honestly, it was unintentional!

But seriously, this palette is mega big…three times the size of the original!

Take a peek!

This palette is 0.9 oz in total! It contains an array of matte shades and thankfully, much to my delight, many are nude, natural shades. I don’t do well with mattes but at the least having them in an array of natural shades makes them way easy to wear for me.

If you’re a matte girl at heart you’ll probably love this one.

I’ll swatch it soon!

It’s available to order now and will ship on January 18th at

  • 1/16/13 11:36 Jen_m_sunshine:

    Can’t wait to see the swatches. I loved the first one but had too many dark shades in it. I am a matte girl as love mattes for the crease and shimmer for the lid. I will have to decide between this and a couple of the new NYX palettes!


    • 1/16/13 12:04 Ruth:

      wait a bit and it’ll be on haute look for deep discount and that way you can justify getting both Matt(e) and Nyx. Yup, Must enables me and I pass the favor on =D


      • 1/16/13 12:15 Jen_m_sunshine:

        Wait? I dont’ know if I can restrain myself for that long!!! I need immediate gratification!
        You made a good call though Ruth. When I get the urge to prematurely order I will revisit this site for your note :-)


        • 1/16/13 12:27 Ruth:

          It’s so hard to wait! ugh! but my thinking is that you’ll be able get more for the same amount of money spent so you’ll have more toys to play with.


          • 1/17/13 12:04 Bethany:

            I picked up some of the Balm’s “Powder to the People” brushes from HauteLook not long after they launched, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long. They were half-price, so try to hold off! I always buy my the Balm products from HL. They feature them every few months, and they were just on in November. Hopefully they will have this palette the next time. (Crossing fingers)!!!

      • 2/1/13 23:40 Nikki:

        It’s on sale now @hautelook for $21!


    • 2/1/13 11:28 Bethany:

      I just ordered this from Hautelook for half-price. The Balm is there until Monday.


  • 1/16/13 11:57 Lisa T:

    When you said huge.. I was thinking “that’s what she said” & then I read the next part.. lol! Can’t wait for swatches!


    • 1/16/13 12:05 the Muse:

      lol the irony ;-D


  • 1/16/13 12:43 BLee:

    Bigger is better!!! LOL ๐Ÿ˜€ This I will get. I hate little eye shadow pallets.


  • 1/16/13 12:44 Cj:

    Meet Matt Nude… He’s huge! Whay kinda blog you running here -.0


    • 1/16/13 12:58 the Muse:

      *blinks innocently* ;D


  • 1/16/13 13:49 Caitlin:

    I loled at this post. Also, this palette looks awesome! Except that white/ivory color–I never end up using those. But most of the rest of the shades look great. I have really wrinkly eyelids, so matte shades are my friends for sure! Swatch, swatch, swatch!


  • 1/16/13 14:39 BooBooNinja:

    I’m a huge matte girl.
    I know you’re not, but would you possibly have the time and/or interest in doing a side-by-side comparison of the original Meet Matt(e) and this new Meet Matt(e) Nude palette?

    pretty please?

    Also, are there posts on your new kitty on the horizon?
    My fiancรฉ and I adopted a rescue kitty on Thursday night and we’re over the moon. I’d love to share in your joy. :)


    • 1/16/13 15:30 the Muse:

      I’ll def try boo boo I have so much going on sometimes find hard to compare products…seems like the shades in the new matte palette are utterly diff from the original so not sure there’s a ton to compare :)

      Aw awesome congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what did you name him/her?! How old? ;-D Mine just turned a year…little debil ๐Ÿ˜€


      • 1/17/13 23:04 BooBooNinja:

        We’re still working on a name for our lil’ lady. We do, however, have lots of nicknames like Cute-i-mus Prime. She’s 1 year & 8 months. Quite the little ninja cat, which is fitting. :)


        • 1/18/13 9:53 the Muse:

          awwwwwwww! ;-D I wanna see a pic! tweet me!?


          • 1/19/13 21:02 BooBooNinja:

            I tweeted you a couple of photos late this morning. I hope you got ’em :)

          • 1/21/13 9:53 the Muse:

            darling just darling! and all black! ;-D always wanted an all black cat! ;-D she’ll make an excellent halloween companion hehe!

  • 1/16/13 18:27 Icequeen81:

    I pass


  • 1/16/13 21:07 elle:

    OMG! I’m dying for this palette. Please, if you ever get the chance, do a full review on this! You give the best reviews.


    • 1/17/13 10:01 the Muse:

      thanks elle :) review is upcoming shortly :)


  • 1/17/13 0:26 blueraccoon:

    I love theBalm and I love their palettes but this one just isn’t doing it for me. Too many similar dark shades; I’d have loved to see some lighter browns or taupes. I think I can skip this, but I may look at the prior Meet Matt(e) palette.


  • 1/17/13 9:19 Lol:



  • 1/17/13 15:41 Carrianne Martin:

    OMG. Too funny! I love the fun names ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sooo excited to get my little paws on this.. i ordered yesterday.. They ship it out tomorrow. Can’t wait.. I’m new to matte.. I have “too faced” ones. I’m really beginning to love matte.. And these are all great looking colors! please.. i can’t wait… SWATCHES!


  • 1/17/13 21:30 Ami:

    gorgeous! love these nudes, but $42? whoa! i’ll wait for your swatches, they might convince me to buy


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