Wet n Wild Cover All Cream Foundation Review & Swatches

Wet n Wild Cover All Cream Foundation is possibly one of the nicest budget foundations I’ve come across in a long time. At $3.59 with a $1 off coupon I paid a mere $2.59 at Harmons for it.

Wha?!?! Unheard of! Decent foundation for under three bucks? How is that possible?

It does have a few hiccups though! Hey, you can’t have it all!

Wet n Wild Cover All Cream Foundation is a tiny misleading. Coverage is sheer to almost medium but not full in my humblest opinion. I think “Cover All” implies full coverage and this is more of a sheerer to medium coverage foundation. So if you desire full coverage you might be disappointed.

On the upside…

It should cover MANY issues. Redness, dark spots, minor acne and acne scarring, etc….this has plenty of pigment to tackle those issues.

Now the key to success here and keep this long wearing is to use powder with it. I don’t like to set my foundation/bb cream. I have dry skin so applying my base plus powder makes me look like I have WAY too much makeup on due to my dry skin. But you must, must set Cover All otherwise it’ll disappear within an hour. Fading away into nothingness and leaving you without foundation on. The key to long wear is to set…don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The texture is positively dreamy. This is a creamy gel foundation that blends onto skin smoothly and evenly. It didn’t accentuate or emphasize less than smooth or dry areas and blended right over them creating a smooth, working canvas for my makeup. I wouldn’t call the texture that of a BB Cream, it’s more of a gel foundation with a hydrating feel. I think it should work on many skin types considering it dries down to a soft, satiny feel without overly mattifying skin or contributing to dryness. Coverage is natural yet flawless and gives a minimal makeup appearance. I couldn’t rave more about how little it costs and how amazing it feels.

My sadness is the wear time is vastly short without powder. I’d say within an hour’s wear my skin sucks it up and it fades completely away. The most I’ve gotten out of the wear is a two hour period.

If you’re on a strict budget or just in need of a cheap foundation thrill I urge you to check out Wet n Wild Cover All Cream Foundation. I liked it. Great texture, easy to apply and blend, wear time is iffy and disappointing but you can’t have everything for under three bucks!


Used it?

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  • 1/10/13 18:54 charlotte:

    I plan to give it a try if I can ever find it, lol. Still hasn’t shown up anywhere in my area. All the reviews I have read so far have been very positive.


  • 1/10/13 19:16 Lauren:

    Oooh that looks nice! I try to keep on budget with my foundation and this sounds perfect! I set my foundation anyways so the short wear time doesn’t bother me. When you saw it in stores, how many shades did you find it had in the range?


  • 1/10/13 19:20 Hillarie:

    Bummer. I was excited about this, but I definitely need something more longwearing


    • 1/11/13 11:29 the Muse:

      if you set with powder it’ll def wear longer!


  • 1/10/13 19:39 Fatima:

    I had a lot of luck with the wear time. I’ve used it with my Mac Mineralize Skinfinish natural to set it …. but that’s cause I have oily skin.


  • 1/10/13 20:19 AnnaCatherine:

    I’m really excited to try this! I have pretty bad skin, adult acne and scarring from it. I need a foundation that is full coverage and I’ve heard so many good things already about this one. I have oily skin so I set everything with a powder so I’m thinking this might just work for me as an easy foundation I throw on before work.


  • 1/10/13 21:04 DivaShop:

    Cool! I think I may just have to try this. :)


  • 1/10/13 21:07 Tigress:

    This is only ok. I have dark spots and it covered them alright, but I wouldn’t call it full coverage.

    My biggest complaint is that it reeks of plastic.


    • 1/11/13 11:24 the Muse:

      same here tigress def not full coverage…I didn’t get the bad smell? thank goodness! It smelled like nothing to me!?


  • 1/11/13 0:17 Rani:

    I used this today! It only lasted around two hours one me as well, tomorrow I shall try it with primer and powder:))


    • 1/11/13 11:12 the Muse:

      primer and powder def helps!


  • 1/11/13 7:07 Teresa:

    I’m excited to hear that this is pretty good, despite it’s caveats. This will be on my “must try” list!


    • 1/11/13 11:00 the Muse:

      it really is fairly decent for the price! 😀 if you try update me I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  • 1/11/13 8:29 Amanda:

    Hmmm sounds tempting (the awesome texture and price) but also sad about the wear time. An hour?!?!? Worth a shot though!


  • 1/11/13 10:31 00trayn:

    I’ve been using the Covergirl NatureLuxe liquid foundation and this seems like a very similar product. I also use powder to set it or else it does tend to fade fast.


  • 1/12/13 18:37 Natalie:

    With powder how long did it last on you?


  • 1/16/13 1:05 Amber:

    I picked this up tonight & applied it just to see how it looked on. So far I love it! I usually hate foundations because I hate the way they feel on my skin & I can’t feel this at all & I love the way it looks. I am going to apply it in the am to test the wear time. Excited & happy so far!


  • 1/18/13 14:57 charlotte:

    Well I tried it. For $4 I guess it could be worse but it’s going back because unlike you it highlighted every single dry spot or flake on my face. I swear it made some.. because I normally do not have anywhere near the problems I did today. I do have combination skin, mostly oily but prone to dryness around my nose and browbones. I also found it rather difficult to blend in, it just moved around the surface of the skin for the longest time. Once it dried it felt a lot better and it does not seem to transfer. The finish was blotchy in places where I have some redness, you could see the foundation sitting on top of the skin and little spots of the skin underneath peeking through. It feels a bit thick on the skin and I keep getting little spots that bug me, like around my nose and on my chin because I can feel it sitting there. I did not even try the powder, I used my HG which is really creamy and smoothing to try to even out the finish and texture. IMO Rimmel Clean Finish Matte is a much better foundation of a similar finish and is in the same price range, about $1 more.


    • 1/18/13 14:59 the Muse:

      really? I was good thank god. I have flaky/dry cheeks towards inner corner of my nose at the moment, forehead is a bit shiny, and overall the rest of my face seems normal, that’s this week anyway lol might change next week and it wasn’t too bad. blended well, no patchiness, and creates nice even coverage..bit powdery though but silky. still though NOT the best powder im the world but ok! I’m so sorry it didn’t work chica!


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