Wet n Wild Cover All Pressed Powder Review & Swatches

Do grab yourself some Wet n Wild Cover All Pressed Powder. It’s cheap, it provides excellent coverage, and oh yeah, it’s cheap. Did I mentioned that already?

I got it at Harmons for $2.59 cents! It was actually $3.59 I believe but they had an instant $1 off coupon so it came to a mere $2.59. It’ll work a treat with the new Wet n Wild Cover All Foundation as well should you wish to use the two together.

This comes in basic packaging so you are forgoing a large sponge and mirror for the cheaper price tag but if you can get over the plastic packaging whats inside is mighty nice.

This comes with a sponge applicator for application although it is a bit small so I suggest using your own sponge or puff. I dislike the sponge to be honest but if you’re one for applying your powers dampened this will prove an excellent way to do so.

Although a tad powdery the powder itself is actually quite nice. It’s not the best powder I ever tried in my makeup life but it isn’t bad either. This is a sheer to medium coverage powder which can possibly be built up to full coverage. Pigment is here so if you have major issues you’re wanting to conceal or cover this can easily act as a powder foundation to cover those problems.


It does kick up a fair bit of powder when I swipe a brush or the sponge over it but I don’t find the texture chalky, it’s quite silky. It does accentuate my dry, flaky areas so if you have dry skin you’ll want to use a really small amount. Those with oily skin will appreciate how well it soaks up shine and excess oil. It has a lightweight finish that perfects, smooths, and covers problems.

Honestly, at this price, you can’t really rant much. If you like fuller coverage powder products you’ll adore this. Pigment is here in a fairly nice formula. Dry skin probably won’t appreciate it much but those with normal, combo, or oily should do just fine.

On a budget?

Grab it.

The packaging may be rubbish but the powder inside isn’t half bad! Plus it’ll set Cover All Cream Foundation for further wear because as much as I liked that foundation the wear time is SUPER short!

Tried it?

Do share!

  • 1/17/13 17:40 Kathryn Vander Molen:

    Do you happen to know what the color selection is like? (I’m very fair.)


  • 1/17/13 17:59 Tigress:

    I bought this for $2.99 at Walgreen’s to have as a back up powder. I agree it’s not the best, but damn good for the price.


    • 1/17/13 18:32 the Muse:

      *nods* exactly my thoughts ;D at this price, can’t rant it, it’s actually pretty decent!


  • 1/17/13 18:32 Robin:

    I want to try this along with the foundation.


  • 1/17/13 21:34 CinnaBunnie:

    How does this product’s coverage compare with MAC’s powder plus foundation? They’re in totally different price range so I feel kinda silly to ask :3


    • 1/18/13 10:00 the Muse:

      never tried powder plus sorry…


  • 1/18/13 1:53 charlotte:

    Finally found it and the foundation at Walgreens yesterday. About half of them had $1 peelies, so look through the display if you want the coupon. Have not had a chance to use it yet.


  • 2/11/13 12:24 tara:

    What is your favorite drugstore and also mid range powder? I’m a student so I can’t spend a ton but I can sometimes find higher end stuff on ebay. My skin is dry like yours so I hate anything powdery or drying but I do use powder in the summer.


  • 2/16/13 0:04 Heather:

    I scored one of these today at Rite Aid for $1.39 after being on sale (40% off) plus the attached $1 off coupon! Very excited to try it out!


  • 2/16/13 0:07 Heather:

    Tara- I would recommend Maybelline’s Dream Matte pressed powder or Rimmel’s Stay Matte pressed powder. I also like MAC’s blot powder for sucking up oiliness without adding color or cakeyness to the skin and its less than $15.


  • 2/17/13 14:02 Tran:

    I have oily skin and I live in South East Asia. Can I use this powder? I’m still considering between this and the Revlon Nearly Naked powder


  • 3/21/13 20:41 Idah:

    Urghh!i’m so envy with the huge variety of drugstore makeup at US.I’m from Singapore btw,i wld love to try the powder,it looks pigmented.The only option is to buy all the fabulous drugstore brand there is by online,gotta wait forever for the item to arrive;(


  • 4/20/13 10:17 Leyla Bikul:

    I love this line. I am really fair so I get the fair in the coverall foundation and I have two colors in the powder (fair and light) they both work well for me. It took me a while to find these after the website put them up and now they are everywhere. I tried finishing all the other foundations I have, but I ended up chucking all of them because this is the only one that works for my dry sensitive skin. The best part is it doesn’t make me break out.


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