Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Collection for Spring 2013

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Collection

The Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Collection brings delicate shades of rose and lilac together for Spring 2013. I don’t do lilac but the Lilac Rose Eye Palette looks like a very wearable selection of soft shades of natural rose and lilac to eyes.

Do want.

Take a look!

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Lip Gloss $24

  • Lilac Rose
  • Pink Lily

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Lip Gloss Lilac Rose

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Lip Gloss Pink Lilac

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick Compact $42
Five bars of pearlescent shimmer in Bobbi’s freshest take on spring florals. Featuring bright pink, golden pink and icy pink pearl pigments perfect for light to medium skin tones.

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick Compact

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Sparkle Eyeshadow $28

  • Lilac

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Sparkle Eyeshadow

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Brightening Lip Gloss $24

  • Pink Lilac

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Brightening Lip Gloss

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Blush $25

  • Pastel Pink

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Blush

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Nail Polish $18

  • Roza

Bobbi Brown Roza Nail Polish

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Eye Palette $60

  • Ivory Eyeshadow : creamy white
  • Pale Rose Eyeshadow: muted pink
  • Pink Lily Metallic Eyeshadow: light purple-pink
  • Stormy Grey Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow: smoky grey-brown
  • Barely There Eyeshadow: soft nude-pink
  • Heather Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow: brown heather
  • Dusty Lilac Eyeshadow: grey pink
  • Black Chocolate Eyeshadow: dark brown

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Eye Palette

The collection is available now at and will launch on counter shortly as well as at

  • 2/27/13 14:59 Kiss & Make-up:

    I can’t wait to see swatches of that sparkling eyeshadow. It will either look awesome or totally ott.


  • 2/27/13 15:12 Littlecreek:

    Holy crap the pallette! Squee!


  • 2/27/13 15:18 Jen_m_sunshine:

    I saw this in store at Nordstrom this week and really like it. I didn’t buy as want to take another look before I do but was pleased only one metallic eyeshadow in this palette. Very soft wearable colors but want to make sure the rosy brown shades won’t accentuate redness around my eyes!


  • 2/27/13 16:22 Debster:

    That shimmer brick is to die for!


  • 2/27/13 17:44 Cindy Ramirez:

    That promo image is a little overwhelming to the eye at first. Took me a while to look at/find the makeup.


  • 2/27/13 19:03 TrishB:

    Somehow, most of this collection jumped into my Neiman Marcus basket earlier in the week, so it should be here Friday. I like that she left the Sparkle shades out of the palette this time, even though I purchased the Lilac Sparkle on the side. Can’t wait to play!


  • 2/27/13 20:48 Ashley D.:

    I always love her palettes in theory, but every one I’ve ever purchased is way too cool toned. Her Desert Twilight all looked either gray or mauve on me unless they were the shimmer shades, then they were just glitter!


  • 2/27/13 22:21 Lauren:

    I bought this last week and it’s the best BB palette I’ve seen in the 10 years I’ve been wearing them. The colors are extremely wearable and flattering (particularly for my fair skin, dark hair, and green eyes), but there’s actually pigment in the shadows (unlike Desert Twilight, which was just a whole lot of sparkly sheer). In fact, and I shared this with the Muse, the first day I wore it, someone told me that I look just like a young Elizabeth Taylor! Not only that, but I must “hear that all the time.” I about passed out. Ladies, I am many things, but a ringer for La Liz? No way. Must have been the eye shadow!


    • 2/28/13 9:20 the Muse:

      that SOUNDS amazing Lauren ;-D It was you who made me lem it even more ;-D hehe!


  • 2/28/13 0:48 Oneo:

    I am totally lovin’ the Lilac Rose Lip Gloss! I can’t wait to see some swatches. This collection is totally fab. Gotta love Bobbi Brown!


  • 2/28/13 8:41 Jessica:

    That shimmer brick looks really nice!


  • 2/28/13 8:48 Judy:

    Ugh! I can’t so lilac at all too!! Love the look of them but know it too well that it won’t suit me. :-(
    But that lilac sparkle eye shadow looks wearable, definitetly going onto my haul list 😛


    • 2/28/13 9:09 the Muse:

      I’m the same way Judy! :) can do purple just not lighter shades of lilac 😀


  • 2/28/13 10:59 Majick:

    I think this collection looks really pretty. Glad to hear there is actual pigment in the shadows. I think I have the blush in one of the QVC palettes I got a year or so ago. THe name sounds familier and the color looks the same but I could be mistaken.

    I really like the lilac gloss – if this color scares anyone I’ll tell you now, I had a similar color from Smashbox that I used to pair with a coral lipstick and the result was GORGEOUS!


  • 2/28/13 11:00 Lauren:

    I don’t really understand who CAN wear those light blue-based violets without looking cold or dead. I wrote the rave about the eye palette above, but the rest of the collection looks very difficult to pull off, particularly the lips. Seriously, I’m curious, who wears those lip shades? What is your coloring? How do you make them work for you? (The Shimmer Brick is v pretty in person, but I WILL NOT buy another one!!!)


    • 2/28/13 11:26 the Muse:

      i don’t really do lilacs well lauren mentioned in the post. I imagine for a cooler, fairer skin type they might look great! :) The glosses are sheerer so I don’t think they’ll be too zombie looking on lips ;-D


  • 2/28/13 11:37 Jen_m_sunshine:

    I actually just bought one of the new maybelline color sensational glosses in pearl and when i swatched it next to the brightening lip gloss – very similar! Save the $ and get the maybelline version. I have very pigmented lips so the color just “brightens” up my lips a bit with a shiny pinkish lilac – doesn’t look bad at all and will be great transition into spring – and to lighten up some rosy darker lipsticks.


  • 2/28/13 21:46 Celine:

    Pink and purple is totally me! I’m very excited to see this collection.


  • 3/7/13 13:28 Deborah:

    I love Bobbi Brown cosmetics, especially her eye palettes and this one looked like a real winner with my coloring: dark hair/pale skin/green eyes. So I paid a visit to the BB counter at Macy’s to check out the collection. I am mix and match kind of girl, so the fact that I wanted literally everything in the collection speaks to how pretty and fresh the colors are.

    The make up artist tested the colors on me, and while the eyeshadows were gorgeous, the two blush colors (a light and deeper violet pink) were either too pale or too florid for my skin tone and I felt they made me look like I was running a fever instead of flatteringly flushed!

    So first I purchased the eye palette and the Roza nail polish–such a gorgeous color in person! Later, I caved in and ordered the shimmer brick and the deeper lilac lip gloss from a kit on QVC, which I have not received yet, so the jury is out on those two items.

    Now, I have to complain for the very first time ever about a BB product and it breaks my heart to do so. The nail polish simply won’t dry in what I consider a reasonable time frame. After 3 meticulous manicures over the course of as many days, I finally gave up on it. No matter how careful I was in observing manicure protocol, the stuff simply would not dry completely. 24 hours after applying it (base coat + 2 polish coats + quick dry top coat), you could still dent and smear it. I felt so bad about having to take a BB product back, but 18.00 is a lot to pay for a bottle of nail polish and it better be fabulous for that price.

    I am now on the hunt for a similar color in a brand I know will dry.


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