Bodycology XOXO Foaming Body Wash Review

Bodycology XOXO Foaming Body Wash

I am currently obsessed with the scent of Bodycology XOXO. Recently, introduced for Spring 2013 this gorgeous blend of fruity notes and musk has been guest starring in my shower in the form of a foaming body wash!

I have to get my local Target and snatch up the body mist and body cream as well for layer.

Cheap thrills ahead!

At $3.99 for a 16 oz bottle I didn’t mind adding Bodycology XOXO Foaming Body Wash to my empire of shower gels. I’ve made a resolution not to spend more than $5 bucks on shower gel this year. My collection of Philosophy Shower Gels is out of hand so I’m trying to be really good and use them all up. Of course, I might need two or more lifetimes to do so but I’m committed to my “use it up’ challenge!

XOXO is a sweet blend of raspberries and tart lemon sorbet with just a hint of musk. It’s fruity yet not sweet due to the mellow almost vanilla vibe that the musk gives to the raspberry and lemon notes. The scent is flirty, fun, and heck in some cases even a little sophisticated if you’re using it as a body mist!

I typically don’t like musk anything but it blends very well with the fruit notes and creates a rather comforting blend with playful fruity sweet back notes.

If you’re on the hunt for a cheap thrill I’d recommend checking out Bodycology XOXO.

It’s available in a body mist, moisturizing body cream, and body wash.

Get it at Target or

Smelled it?

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  • 2/28/13 10:56 Ruth:

    I’m also on a “use stuff up” mission. For whatever reason, i like to use most of a product and leave a few drips in it for later. it makes no sense at all. In the last month, i’ve finished a perfume, a ton of BBW lotions, a few lush shower gels and a night cream. I’m a hoarder of mostly used stuff. there should be group for that kind of thing.


    • 2/28/13 12:07 the Muse:

      lol let’s create one ;D


      • 2/28/13 17:44 Ruth:

        OK, I’ll go first. Hi, my name is Ruth and i hoard almost empty products. it has been two weeks since i last dumped my empties into the recycle bin and i’m ready for more.


        • 3/1/13 15:58 the Muse:

          LOL ;-D story of my life


  • 2/28/13 12:35 Stellar:

    Totally, my new years resolution to use up the lotions and candles I got last year. B&BW makes one such a goo hoarder. Though I shall have to stop by my local evil mart to get a sniff out of this!


  • 2/28/13 13:08 Tammie:

    I think I am going to have to run out and try this today…foaming body wash sounds amazing…I don’t like soapy/sudsy things that don’t foam (face wash, hand soap, toothpaste you name it) easily and the scent sounds like it’s right up my alley :3


  • 2/28/13 15:13 Kiss & Make-up:

    Cute bottle! And the scent sounds yum.


  • 4/23/13 8:06 Nancy:

    At $4 a bottle, thought it was a steal. Bought all 3. It smells fresh and the scent lasts all day. Loved it!


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