Budget Beauty: Avon Big Color Dual Ended Eye Pencil

Avon Big Color Dual Ended Eye Pencil

Are you looking for a quick way to apply shadow? How about a base for powder? The new Avon Big Color Dual Ended Eye Pencil might be the perfect budget pick for using under shadows as a base or on its own for a quickie color wash!

Made up of two shades this chubby dual sided pencil seems a win!

I’m on this trip of apply cream shadow under everything lately do to the fact it really makes powders pop! I typically avoid doing this because cream under powder tends to crease on me or make for a PITA application but lately, for some reason, it just works! So go with it right?

As far as I’m concerned all eye pencils, big or small, should have two shades of color on either side. Variety is the spice of life! Avon’s Big Color Dual Ended Eye Pencil comes with two shades in a single pencil for as little as $5.49 each! Sweet!

Avon Big Color Dual Ended Eye Pencil Spring 2013


  • Blue Smoke
  • Go to Greens
  • Plum Perfection
  • Silver Smoke
  • Perfect Nudes

These are available now at shop.avon.com

How was your weekend? Snowed in? I think we got over a foot here but I dug myself out mighty quick! Staying home was driving me wonky!

  • 2/11/13 11:02 Lauren:

    I’ve seen those pencils in a bunch of catalogs, I’ve been meaning to try them. We got about two feet here in Massachusetts near the Springfield area. Worcester got over three feet!


    • 2/11/13 11:09 the Muse:

      I think we got like two feet too! the snow is up to the tree branches in my front yard practically lol! ;-D


      • 2/11/13 19:57 Lauren:

        I practically drive a Hot Wheels car (its a little red Pontiac Sunfire) and I had to find it first before driving to work! We’ve lived here for fifteen years and you’d think we’d invest in a snowblower by now!


        • 2/12/13 9:23 the Muse:

          oh no lauren! lol truly buried eh?


  • 2/11/13 13:44 Kiss & Make-up:

    Looks good, and for so little money too.


  • 2/11/13 15:35 00trayn:

    Avon had a double ended cream shadow pencil back in the Fall catalogs, but it was SO little pencil! The whole thing was only 2-3″ long and it didn’t have any twist up. What you saw for each end was what you got. I’ll have to give these a try, now that you get a reasonable amount of product.


    • 2/11/13 15:36 the Muse:

      I’m trying to remember if I tried those…! That’s not a lot at all :(


      • 2/12/13 16:00 00trayn:

        Here’s the review page from them. Needly to say, they did not go over well! I happy they came out with a better product.



        • 2/12/13 16:02 the Muse:

          oh those kinda look cute though too bad the formula wasn’t fabs ;-D


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