CK One Color Street Limited Edition Real Nail Polish Strips

CK One Color Street Limited Edition Real Nail Polish Strips

CK One proves they aren’t a one offer with their new limited edition Color Street Collection for Spring 2013.

Along with that collection they’ve launched these cute Color Street Real Nail Polish Strips for $12 with a whimsical Spring design. If I were a nail girl I’d be on them! They look rather sweet.

Along with the nails there’s a few other LE pieces of the collection including new Pure Shine Lipsticks that are available for a limited time.

Sadly, CK One’s Color Collection didn’t quite do it for me so unsure if I’ll be exploring these limited edition pieces. Plus Ulta is a pilgrimage to get to (nearly an hour drive) so it’ll be utterly random if I do run across these pieces.

What did you think of the CK One makeup line?

Loved it?

Any favs?

Not really bothered with it?

P.S. How was your weekend? Hope it was great! I got a little reading in yesterday before heading to brunch with friends and have found out I’m currently obsessed with alpha caveman motorcycle men (seriously, if Kristen’s Ashley’s heroes talked like that in real I’d prob backhand them across the face or the head but in a book there’s something terribly wicked about it!). I blame my reader Jackie for recommending me all these crazy romance titles lately like On Dublin Street (most frustrating heroine evers). My other friend recommended me Gail Carriger and totally loving her work. Sadly, didn’t have time to complete more than a single chapter on either book though as I was running crazy yesterday.

What’s your reads? Anything good I should add to my “to be read” title?

  • 2/25/13 11:02 Kimmwc03:

    From what I’ve read, the ck one items are only sold at a few Ultas (and none of them are on the East Coast). These nail strips look good but I’d need to see them on actual nail before I’d order online.


    • 2/25/13 11:04 the Muse:

      that stinks, saves me a trip to Ulta as that would mean they prob don’t have the Color Street Colleciton at all!


  • 2/25/13 11:42 Icequeen81:

    the strips dunno , doesn’t seem like my thing but like kimmwc03 said have to see them in person to judge


  • 2/25/13 12:13 Susan K:

    My Ulta carries CK One and I’m on the East Coast. Never have bought anything but always look. I so wanted to fall in love with this line but nothing ever appeals.


  • 2/25/13 13:43 Cindy Ramirez:

    12 dollars is a liiiiittle pricey for something I’m only going to use once. They are cute though!

    I myself am in a book funk. I’ve been wanting the read the sequel to “John Dies in the End” (If you haven’t read it Muse, please do. It’s hilarious and horrifying at the SAME time!) but the wait list at my library is so long! I need new books to keep my mind off of the million year wait to the next ‘A Song of Fire and Ice” book.


    • 2/25/13 13:49 the Muse:

      oh please baby jebus the wait for the next GoT is endless, soul sucking cra crazee….I’ve kinda given up on it. I LOVED John Dies in the End (hey, we have common book interests) (did you see the movie?). It was looney but really hilarious! ;-D did you read this book is full of spiders? if not you must!


      • 2/26/13 11:11 Cindy Ramirez:

        I haven’t seen the movie yet, I’m waiting for my boyfriend to read the book. I’m the kinda person where I won’t watch a movie until I’ve read the book, and I really really really wanted him to read the book first! I haven’t read the second yet, I’m just about to go out and buy the damn book. The wait list at the library is ridiculous!


        • 3/1/13 16:21 the Muse:

          I def like reading the book before the movie too can’t blame ya 😀


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