Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips on Eyes

I’m starting to get excited about getting my Etude House Sweet Recipe goodies. Especially when I saw the above video Etude House tweeted yesterday of a makeup look featuring the new Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips

It’s a little weird as she applies the My Jelly Lips on eyes in the shade JOR201 but it looks rather stunning. She also applies a bit on her cheeks. I really liked the way it looked on her eyes though and I’m considering purchasing a backup of the shade so I can try it on my eyes. Eye gloss was trending a little last Spring into Summer 2012 so perhaps we’ll see a bigger push this year! CK even introduced a Jumbo Eye Gloss Pencil if you recall.

I’ve seen a variety of youTube gurus that use gloss on their lids but I’m never actually tried it myself.

What do you think of the look and idea?

Would you try it?

I imagine if you have oily lids it would be a BIG no!

  • 2/21/13 9:46 Susan K:

    I tried the eye gloss trend way back on its first go around, late 90’s perhaps. The products left your lid sticky, shiny and “thick” feeling. Plus, the effect wasn’t flattering.


    • 2/21/13 9:47 the Muse:

      eye gloss products work ok for me but actually using a gloss on my lids, that would prob be a bad effect ;D


  • 2/21/13 13:04 Cj:

    They look pretty sheer :O I need these ASAP!


  • 2/21/13 16:52 Tiffany Martin:

    Getting a couple extra to use on eyes makes sense because I’d be worried about germs.


  • 2/21/13 18:29 meghan:

    I would be concerned about using lip products on eyes, as many are not eye-safe!

    I would just as soon use eyeshadow.


  • 2/22/13 1:05 Saiba:

    I think that’s cool that you can use it many ways…just kinda scares me to use a lip product many ways lol


  • 2/22/13 1:14 Tohnia:

    Going to see if I can find this at one of the Asian beauty stores I frequent when I’m home (not school). I know of quite a few places that carry Tony Moly for cheap! 😀 I also just picked up the new MBD Earl Grey & Macaroon masks, I can’t remember if you did a review on them, have you tried them? I also got a brand called Beauty Q, I hope they’re good! I’m testing them out this weekend 😀


    • 2/22/13 10:07 the Muse:

      hey tohnia! 😀 Hope you find them! I have reviewed those, they are quite nice ;-D Beauty Q is a great brand as well! Enjoy!


  • 3/5/13 15:47 Majick:

    I’m not a fan of the gloss look on eyes except for photos and possibly runway. In real life it does exactly what we all put primer on to erradicate.

    I’ve always heard you can use eye stuff anywhere even lips. Lip stuff is anywhere but not eyes. Powder blush can be used as shadow but I’m not so sure I would try it with a cream blush. I also wouldn’t use cream blush on my lips unless it specifically said it could be used for that purpose.


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