MAC Archie’s Girls Yours Forever Tote Review

MAC Archie’s Girls Yours Forever Tote

Ok, must admit, best part of the MAC Archie’s Girls Collection was the Yours Forever Tote ($49.50) I love this thing. I got the MAC Wonder Woman Bold Babe Tote last year and was delighted with it so I must say I’m equally delighted with this one.

It might seem a lot to splurge but it’s such a huge, well made tote I think it’s worth the buckage!

The MAC Archie’s Girls Yours Forever Tote ($49.50) is a faux patent leather design and measures a huge 14″ x 3″ x 13.8″. It’s lined with a red material decorated with cute white hearts. At first I was a little iffy about the plastic-y outer material as I felt like it cheapens it. But knowing how beat up my Lounge Fly totes get in all their material glory I decided this was way easier to clean and maintain.

The outside heart designs features Archie and “his girls”, Betty and Veronica. This heart is also a pocket for storing small items although I wouldn’t suggest it as they may fall out due to the fact it doesn’t have a zipper. A zipper would have been nice as I could toss money and change into it when shopping rather than dig around looking for my wallet.

MAC Archie’s Girls Yours Forever Tote Spring 2013

MAC Archie’s Girls Yours Forever Tote Inside

$49.50 might be a little iffy…it is a well made tote but a $39 price tag would make me more inclined to rave a little harder. I love the tote, love the art work, just a little shy on that price tag, a shave off of $10 would gain it a Muse Approval.

Very cute tote though for the collector out there.

It won’t be heading into my beauty vault, I actually replaced by PBS tote with it today and I’m happily toting all my junk around in it.

Do like!

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Will you be getting any of the MAC Archie’s Girls accessories?


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  • 2/6/13 10:39 Ruth:

    Cute tote! I have the Wonder Woman one and love it so hard! is there a little wallet/change purse thingie that could be purchase to go with it as a reasoning that this doesn’t have a zip? just a thought


    • 2/6/13 10:59 the Muse:

      yeah! I got it ;-D couldn’t resist the accessories ;-D waiting for my order!!!!!!!!! the WW one goes with our chucks ;D


  • 2/6/13 14:33 Ruth:

    It totally does! I like to wear this with them and then go to the comic shop.


    • 2/6/13 14:48 the Muse:

      TOO cute do want ;D!


      • 2/6/13 14:54 Ruth:

        you should get it and then we can be the wonder twins!


        • 2/6/13 15:07 the Muse:



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