MAC Pro Long Wear Paint Pot Review & Swatches

MAC Pro Long Wear Paint Pot

MAC has released a range of Pro Long Wear Paint Pots for Spring 2013 in a variety of lovely shades. MAC Pro Long Wear Paint Pots should be hauled because you enjoy Paint Pots in general however, I wouldn’t haul them because you expect some sort of super budge proof formula.

Technically, they are pretty much the same old Paint Pot formula with a new name…so yeah, WTH MAC? Aside from that, if you’re a fond MAC Paint Pot fan get ye to your nearest counter and grab a few shades!

I started off life not loving the density of the original MAC Paint Pots. They have since grown on me. I do find the release of Pro Long Wear Paint Pots an oddity since the formula, size, and price is the same as the regular line of Paint Pots. Outside of a new color selection I’m not seeing the point of the new name…eh?

If you can get past that you’ll embrace these fully but it can be a little misleading considering you might expect some new improved incredibly long wearing eyeshadow formula.

I can get around six to eight hours using a Paint Pot alone or as a base for powder. It really depends on the shade as I find some shades are virtually budge proof and others are prone to creasing. In the case of three of the eight new shades I tried out all had a very solid eight hour wear without creasing and showing minor creasing at hour nine.

I used to dislike them since they had a denser formula compared to other cream shadows I knew of, used, and loved. However, I’ve come to embrace that density as it really adheres well to my lid and creates a solid base for powders or on their own they actually blend fairly easily when warmed up. I do recommend a flat head brush of some sort for easiest application but they take to fingers just as well if that’s your preferred method of application.

MAC Pro Long Wear Paint Pot Swatches

Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection, Antique Diamond

MAC Pro Long Wear Paint Pot Antique Diamond

MAC Pro Long Wear Paint Pot Let Me Pop

MAC Pro Long Wear Paint Pot Vintage Selection

I really enjoy these with powder as they create a solid base for powder which in turn results in more of an intense pay off, less fall out from pigments and more powdery shadows, and also allows for longer, stronger wear.

If you’re going to haul these do go into the purchase because you love the formula however, don’t expect anything more from that formula that you may already have used with the original line of MAC Paint Pots as I honestly don’t see much difference in the wear, just a new name (shrug!).

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  • 2/11/13 20:36 Icequeen81:

    Oohhh I love let me pop


    • 2/11/13 22:07 the Muse:

      icequeen totally a must have shade imho! ;D


  • 2/11/13 20:40 Bari:

    just saying taht all of these colors are repromotes to be permanate from the cham pale collection 2 years ago in january because i have the vintage selection paint pot from that collection and its my everyday eye shadow base and still hasnt dried out or is not running out


  • 2/11/13 21:03 Let:

    Antique Diamond looks awesome in your swatch :-)


    • 2/11/13 22:06 the Muse:

      let me pop is AWESOME let forget AD and get that one ;D


      • 2/12/13 18:11 Let:

        Will try to go to Nordstorm this weekend and swatch them haha :-)


  • 2/12/13 1:59 Christy:

    Let Me Pop (I first read poop! lol My mind is in the toilet I guess) and Vintage Selection are so pretty. Going to have to check them out! Thanks for the review an swatches girlie!!


    • 2/12/13 9:18 the Muse:

      lol my pleasure christy ;-D


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