MAC Year of the Snake Beauty Powder Review & Swatches

MAC Year of the Snake Beauty Powder

You might already own the MAC Year of the Snake Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl as it is a repromote but chances are you’ll want a back up of this fine beauty powder anyway.

I’m currently obsessed with this powder and have been wearing it for two solid weeks straight (it’ll be officially two weeks tomorrow) without a stop in between.

If you’re one for loving shades of cheek products like NARS Orgasm or Benefit Coralista I urge you to get to MAC and pick this up!

Originally released with the MAC Liberty of London Collection, MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder ($24) is described as a pale peach with gold pearl. Let’s make it simple, it’s a lighter golden peach. I have to tell you something, my deepest desire is MAC adds a touch more pigment to this and releases it as a blush. It’s such an amazing shade of golden almost corall-y peach. Yum! Delicious.

MAC Year of the Snake Beauty Powder Shell Peark

MAC Year of the Snake Beauty Powder Swatches

Sadly, since it is a Beauty Powder that means it works best as a highlighter and the color is a bit sheerer than the swatch upon application. You can multitask with it as an eyeshadow (which I did in my look below), a finishing powder, a softer shade of blush, or just to complete your makeup look. My best results are if I apply it over a coral or peach cheek stain as it brings out the hues of that cheek stain and adds a wicked golden peach sheen to the apples of my cheeks!

For my look below I used it on my eyes and on my cheeks without any other blush or cheek products. I swirled a kabuki in it and applied to the apples of my cheeks. I think it’ll really POP on fair, pale skin as the color will show up considerately better on such a tone however, it is a universally flattering shade that will work just as incredibly on tanned or darker skin but more as a highlighter shade not that of a blush.

The powder has a snake skin pattern embossing which doesn’t swipe away with use. I’m on week two and the design is still very much intact. It also features an outer sleeve packaging designed for the Year of the Snake Collection which is also quite nifty.

How I wish someone would get a blush to look this amazing! Tarte Glisten comes to mind just almost.

MAC Year of the Snake Beauty Powder Face of the Day

MAC Year of the Snake Beauty Powder FOTD

You NEED this.

Don’t hesitate.

Muse Approved.

Available now at MAC Counters.

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  • 2/14/13 18:11 nytengale1:

    Love it on you, Muse!!! It gives you such a beautiful natural flush. What color lippie are you wearing?
    I may have to get this. Oy vey- I just hauled a bunch of stuff from the UD F&F sale, the Archie’s Girls collection, the IT nude lipliners, and the March IT cosmetics TSV. How can I resist this one, though????


  • 2/14/13 19:14 Gracie:

    I heard that this is the same base as the MAC archie’s girls Flatter Me powder, only that one has hearts. True or not true? If true.. maybe I don’t need this one. Thanks!


    • 2/15/13 13:05 the Muse:

      gracie read comments above 😀 we are discussing it :)


      • 2/15/13 14:01 Gracie:



  • 2/14/13 20:38 Tammie:

    I’d heard that the Flatter Me pearlmatte from the Archie’s Girls collection has this for the the pearl/background part…since I have Flatter Me should I bother with this one?


    • 2/15/13 10:54 the Muse:

      nooo who’s telling you that? so inaccurate! It’s a completely different color, texture, and finish!


      • 2/15/13 12:57 Christina:

        I think the description for Flatter Me actually says that the base is Shell Pearl and the hearts are Foolish Me blush. I have never tried Shell Pearl, but I did try Flatter Me, so I was wondering how different the two actually are. On me, Flatter Me was pretty much coral and was a tad too frosty looking on. Is Shell Pearl much subtler?

        Thanks Muse!


        • 2/15/13 12:59 the Muse:

          wha? it does? those crazy mac people! Flatter Me is more pastel coral, light coral shade, versus Shell Pearl which has a more golden coral peach to me. I can do comparison swatches when I get a sec but see my swatch and photo of Flatter Me here:

          I mean I think you can see that Shell Pearl is much brighter! If anything the Hearts are more Shell Pearl than the base. Maybe I’m nuts?!


          • 2/15/13 13:03 Christina:

            Ah, thanks for the clarification! A comparison swatch would be awesome, so I’ll forward to that! Looks like I might just have to give this beauty powder a try before it’s sold out! :)

          • 2/15/13 13:06 the Muse:

            i would def take a look on counter. mac must be crazy doesn’t seem the same at all to me!?

  • 2/14/13 21:25 Phyrra:

    It’s a lovely color


  • 2/15/13 14:46 Tammie:

    Here is the transcript of a chat I just had with a MAC rep on their site’s chat thing:

    Tammie: Hi I had heard that the pearl powder in the flatter me pearlmatte is the same as the year of the snake shell pearl powder
    Tammie: Is that true or are they completely different?
    Jara: Hi Tammie!
    Jara: Let me take a look. I know they are similar.
    Tammie: Thanks :)
    Jara: Yes, they are very similar except for the brighter coral hearts in the Archie powder.
    Tammie: Are they the same or just similar?
    Tammie: I’m trying to decide if I should get the shell pearl
    Jara: Very, very similar.
    Tammie: I have flatter me already
    Jara: They are not the same product.
    Tammie: Ok, thanks!
    Jara: Flatter Me has brighter coral hearts in it.
    Tammie: Right, thanks :)


    • 2/15/13 15:01 the Muse:

      ODD…………….. mac is on crack hehe. I don’t feel like the shades are the same at all!? How do they get shell pearl to look so much bright and corall-y versus the archie powder that’s a softer pastel peach!? i’d head to counter and see for yourself, I think you’ll agree Shell Pearl is much brighter :)


      • 2/15/13 17:09 Tammie:

        Yeah @_@. At least we now know they are similar but not the same. I’ll have to check it out at the counter as you said, just to know once and for all! I am wondering though if maybe Shell Pearl is softer so you get more and thus brighter/better pigmentation? I don’t get BAD pigmentation from Flatter Me but it’s not exactly soft.


  • 2/15/13 19:15 Katherine:

    I just wanted to pop in and say that although there weren’t any products in this release that really tickled my fancy. I love love love the packaging of this release! It’s gorgeous!


  • 2/16/13 7:58 Brandy:

    From the swatches, Year of the Snake looks brighter, yet not as frosty to me as the one from the Archie collection…oh the beauty powder drama! Is the texture smoother too?


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