Maybelline Color Goes Electric Vivids Lipsticks

Maybelline Color Goes Electric Vivids Lipsticks Spring 2013

Maybelline has four new shades of the Vivids Lipsticks that they recently launched with their new Color Goes Electric Spring 2013 Collection.

I love that Maybelline is already doing new shades of the Vivids and they just launched recently. Pretty great turn around there. The product is so new (just a few short months) one wouldn’t expect them to already launched new LE shades in a collection.

Take a look!


  • Electric Fuchsia
  • Pop of Cherry
  • Orange Edge
  • Infra-Red

Maybelline Color Goes Electric Vivids Lipstick

Maybelline Color Goes Electric Vivids Lipsticks

Infra-Red, Pop of Cherry, Orange Edge

I picked up three shades although some of these colors do look very similiar to those that Maybelline recently launched the collection with.

I loved the reds so I went ahead and picked those up along with Orange Edge. I don’t know why I migrate to all these oranges as I look terribly in them but I couldn’t resist.

Have you tried any of the Vivids Lipsticks yet?

Loved ’em?

Do share!

Review and swatches of these shades upcoming shortly.

  • 2/26/13 11:32 Eesha:

    Aww…. they look so pretty together. Infra Red is super gorgeous :-)


  • 2/26/13 12:17 Cindy Ramirez:

    I’m very curious as to what ‘Electric Fuchsia” looks like. The purple they have in the Vivid collection isn’t very purple. I picked up one of the new Milani Color statement lipsticks in Black Cherry… I’m in loooove.


  • 2/26/13 12:20 Jenny D:

    Oh wow, now I gotta find ’em! Can’t wait for swatches :)


  • 2/26/13 12:26 JenJ:

    I have 4 and was planning to go ahead and get the rest of the original line and then these popped up. Just disrespectful 😀


    • 2/26/13 12:46 the Muse:

      lol aw jen :)


      • 2/26/13 13:20 JenJ:

        Just won’t let me be great lol! If I can find them! That’s the “battle” with limited edition drugstore stuff.


  • 2/26/13 13:01 Angela:

    These look really intense and beautiful. Looking forward to your swatches.


  • 2/26/13 14:36 Cj:

    Hey do you know a good like brand/line of sheer lipsticks? I’ve been kinda getting away from glosses lately :/

    Ps: idk if this is on my side or your side but I have to type in my email address everytime I want to post a comment now o.o has anyone else told you that??


    • 3/1/13 16:17 the Muse:

      oops sorry cj just seeing this my dear but we chatted/replied already 😀


  • 2/26/13 15:55 Kiss & Make-up:

    Oh my, I love them ALL!


  • 2/26/13 17:32 Natasha:

    I got Electric Fuchsia today and it’s an exact dupe for Pink Pigeon. And a tad bit less intense than Candy Yum Yum. I also got Orange Edge which reminds me of Morange. I think I wanna get a back up for Electric Fuchsia.


  • 2/26/13 17:57 meghan:

    UGH. I LOOOOVE THESE LIPSTICKS. They are so fierce and now Maybelline has to be rude and release more?!?!


  • 2/26/13 18:02 Olivia:

    Can’t wait to see the orange one!


  • 2/27/13 6:13 Xero:

    I hunted around for these and I bought Pop of Cherry. I’m worried because the label on the bottom looks blue-based but the lipstick bullet looks orange. I’ll be waiting for swatches before I try it on, because if I use it, I can’t return it!


    • 3/1/13 16:16 the Muse:

      xero it’s more tangerine imho! :)


  • 2/27/13 11:38 Rosie in NYC(makeup freak:

    hey hun its me Rosie in Brooklyn once again I tried the mandarin color it is very pretty and not so scary as I thought it was tres chic mon cheries.(hey my french is a bit rusty).


    • 2/27/13 12:16 the Muse:

      lol rosie you’re too cute! I tried a few shades too including the orange and I’m really impressed quite nice for the price!


  • 2/27/13 17:53 Rosie in NYC(makeup freak):

    thanks hun the price is perfect


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