New in Beauty: Mally Beauty Age Rebel Hydrating Make-up Primer

Mally Beauty Age Rebel Hydrating Make-up Primer

Heads up Mally has a new moisturizing primer. Mally Beauty Age Rebel Hydrating Make-up Primer just launched on QVC this Friday night. Although I would NOT know about this because I’ve been a good girl and haven’t set my Tivo to record anything beauty related on QVC.

This probably won’t last long but I’m enjoying my small sign of willpower just at the moment.

A reader told me about this one (thanks Holly) so of course, I had to peek a little bit. But that doesn’t qualify as cheating on my no beauty Tivo rule.



Mally Age Rebel Hydrating Make-up Primer is formulated with Aquacell, a natural botanical hydration complex that increases the skin’s auto-hydration, which encourages replenishment from within.

At the moment my skin is dry as the Sahara desert. Especially my nose with is dry and cracked as I’ve had a tiny cold. Ugh that’s the worst….when the area around your nose and cheeks gets all cracked up because you have a cold!


I can use any moisture I can get.

I ordered this so expect a review soon.

It’s available now at

What are your current hydrating favs?

  • 2/25/13 15:23 Kiss & Make-up:

    I have been dealing with flakiness around my nose as well lately, but still overall my skin is slightly oily and shiny, so I don’t think this would be a good match for me. Until today I was using an oil-control primer by Fusion Beauty but today I switched to Too Faced Poreless Primer. It’s too early to pass a judgement yet, but so far I like it.


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