Pixi CopperGlow Endless Silky Eye Pencil Review & Swatches

Pixi CopperGlow Endless Silky Eyeliner

Did I tell you how much I love Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pencil in Copperglow? The thing is Pixi makes the best eyeliner evers to begin with but introduce a shade like Cooperglow and I’m ALL over it.

This color is gorgeous! Combined with Pixi’s incredibly creamy, long wearing formula this shade is a MUST have. Buy two, get three…you need it!

Pixi CopperGlow Endless Silky Eye Pencil Spring 2013

I just want to warn you the swatches don’t do this shade justice. It’s a coppery brown with shimmer and yes, that sounds like dozens of pencils you might already own. But I swear, the color is UNIQUE! The color is so vibrant and the shade reflects gold, red, and brown all together. I can’t rave the color enough. It’s ideal for pairing up with rose shades of eyeshadow, natural shades, brown shades, copper-y shades, etc…etc…basically it is the end all color for pairing up with all natural shades of shadow.

Love this.

So hard.

Pixi CopperGlow Endless Silky Eye Pencil

Pixi CopperGlow Endless Silky Eye Pencil Swatches

I’ve never had such strong feels for a color before. This is love. I was thinking to myself if Pixi could put this color into a cream shadow or powder one I’d probably be set for life. I’d never need to use another eyeshadow shade every again! It’s just perfection.

I’ve reviewed Pixi’s Endless Silky Eye Pencils before and they still remain a very fond favorite. It’s funny because I don’t think many people realize how awesome they are. These are $15 dollars and are available in an array of shades. They are close if NOT better than Urban Decay’s 24-7 formula. Creamy, strong wearing, excellent on the waterline (non shimmer shades of course), and incredibly easy to smudge out. Seriously, best eyeliner formula ever and just so underrated.

Pixi CopperGlow Endless Silky Eye Pencil FOTD

Pixi CopperGlow Endless Silky Eye Pencil Face of the Day

The moral of this story is you NEED Copperglow. I can’t rave it enough.

Very big Muse Approval.

It’s available now at www.pixibeauty.com

Pixi is also sold at Target and Target.com



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  • 2/21/13 11:53 Monica:

    It looks beautiful on you!! We have similar coloring and I might need to pick this up…


    • 2/21/13 12:07 the Muse:

      go go go get it monica ;-D thanks dear, it really is a lovely shade!


  • 2/21/13 12:24 Keri:

    oh my goodness! that is so pretty.


  • 2/21/13 12:30 Dee:

    Ooooo, it looks beautiful! I gotta pick one up for myself! 😀


  • 2/21/13 12:41 Sai:

    Muse that looks so pretty on u! I need to get this too!!

    btw ave u tried Straight On Till Morning Liner?? Are their formula similar?


    • 2/21/13 12:51 the Muse:

      same texture as the straight on till morning liner sai 😀 creamier if anything at all ;-D


    • 2/21/13 12:51 the Muse:

      PS Sai, thank YOU! 😀


  • 2/21/13 13:41 Kiss & Make-up:

    Oh my you really really love this eh… :-) Looks good indeed. I don’t think the brand is available here though…


    • 2/21/13 13:45 the Muse:

      aw thanks kiss & makeup!


  • 2/21/13 13:49 Jane:

    Do you know of anything that is this exact color but in a cream pot formula?


    • 2/21/13 14:20 the Muse:

      jane not really…it’s a very different shade…believe me I’d be stockpiling the shade if I can get one like it ;-D it’s gorgeous!


  • 2/21/13 14:29 kimkats:

    Ooooooo……. I must have this. I am a fool for shades like this, and this one sounds *very* unique! Me Likely Muchly!


  • 2/21/13 14:31 Sweta:

    Hey Muse, what a great review..love to read of things that are not so talked about…this is jus gorgeous as you..;)thanks Muse..:)


    • 2/21/13 14:54 the Muse:

      aw thanks sweta 😀 so glad you enjoyed the review and thanks!!!!!! 😀


  • 2/21/13 15:16 Coco:

    Sounds like a true love story between you and the Pixi eyeliners, haha. The color does look quite nice – a bit wine-y but still a wearable brown. Adding it to my shopping list!


    • 2/21/13 16:18 the Muse:

      it is! ;-D we’re in a long term relationship! nooo not wine at all ;-D copper-y brown! It’s really pretty ;-D


  • 2/21/13 17:33 Veronica:

    I love the shade. It’s nice to see a copper that isn’t overtly warm – might even be wearable on my cooler skin tone!


  • 2/21/13 19:11 Alice:

    Oh my God this makes your eyes look so amazing! I do love a coppery brown for that “not trying too hard” look. Might have to check it out, though I do tend to be faithful to the UD 24/7s


    • 2/22/13 10:17 the Muse:

      aw thanks aclie! Do get it ;-D they are actually as great as ud 24/7 imho!


  • 2/21/13 20:14 Tiffany:

    Is this similar in color to the Stila Lion Fish eyeliner? I loved that one and just ran out.


    • 2/21/13 20:18 the Muse:

      YES! but richer, deeper ;-D prettier! more bronze, more red, more everything!


  • 2/21/13 21:25 Robin:

    Getting this and their new olive green liner!


  • 2/22/13 1:00 Saiba:

    Omg that’s gorgeous! It looks so beautiful on you! If it’s looks amazing here I can’t wait to own it hehe. I love Pixi eyeliners, I must have this. Must lol


    • 2/22/13 10:09 the Muse:

      aw thanks saiba ;D


  • 2/22/13 8:26 Christina:

    I just discovered these – they are fantastic!!


  • 2/22/13 11:10 Simone:

    I’ve got a couple of these liners, and adore them!
    I will definitely be picking this up! What a gorgeous shade!


  • 2/23/13 9:55 Taryn:

    I was hunting forever for a shade like this. I used to have a sue devitt eye pencil in gold reef that was the same color that I wore down to the end. Finally found the same shade in Tarte tigers eye! Glad to know though that pixi has one too in case I need a back up. I also love their formula!


  • 3/27/13 10:40 Amy:

    Thanks so much for the review, Muse!
    Got this shade at Target a few days ago…they rang up $12.75!
    You look gorgeous in this.


    • 3/27/13 10:50 the Muse:

      YAYYYYYY! thanks Amy! Hope you love it 😀 it’s an awesome shade!


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