Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Mouse Circus Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Mouse Circus

My x-boyfriend used to tell me I smelled like a Carnival, bakery, and sweet shop all rolled into one and that was fine by me. I love foody sweet fragrances and I always migrate towards them. They aren’t everyone’s thing but they are mine. Cinnamon buns, lollipops, strawberries…anything sweet and foody I’m all over.

That’s why Black Phoenix Mouse Circus Fragrance Oil is such a ME scent.


Do love.

Mouse Circus is a fragrance created by the Lab paying homage to the works of one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman.

You might recognize Mouse Circus from the book (or film) Coraline as a crazy old man in the flat above Coraline’s told her he was training a mouse circus and perhaps one day he might show Coraline however, they weren’t, at that moment, properly ready and rehearsed.

I suppose a Mouse Circus might smell like the Midway of a Carnival…pink cotton candy, vanilla spun sugar fur, and kernels of popcorn.

Captured beautifully in this scent are all those notes. Don’t ask me at the moment as I’m having a brain fart but Mouse circus quite reminds me of a scent released with the original Carnival fragrance oils…it was a popcorn scent…perhaps it was Midway? Unsure but the scent is very similiar.

In the bottle it smells of buttery toffee popcorn on the skin fluffy, kennel corn with vanilla, sugar, and butter. As it dries down cotton candy notes and more vanilla comes out to play!

If you don’t mind smelling like the carnival I think perhaps Mouse Circus might likely be a scent for you.

It smells good enough to eat. Try it, smelling like popcorn isn’t nearly as weird as you might think! Honest!

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  • 3/12/13 16:12 Cristi:

    Yay! Another BPAL review! Been curious about this one. Will have to give it a shot. XD


    • 3/12/13 16:24 the Muse:

      :) hope you like!


  • 3/12/13 18:56 Suzie:

    I LOVE Mouse Circus! Being that you are more of a BPAL connoisseur than I am yet (although wow I have been going a bit BPAL crazy), do you know of other BPAL scents that have cotton candy in them other than Midway?


    • 3/13/13 9:29 the Muse:

      there sadly aren’t suzie…cotton candy is a rarity at the lab…they dominate with earthy, herbal blends sometimes and not enough sweet ones! Midway and Mouse Circus is possibly one of the only scents you’ll get with cotton candy in it. Jailbait was a good bubblegum scent if that interests you (although might need to skip to evil bay or etsy for it as I think they diced it).


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