Cheap Thrills: E.L.F. Essential Triple Tip Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

E.L.F. Essential Triple Tip Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

E.L.F. takes on the triple tip eyeliner trend with their new Essential Triple Tip Waterproof Eyeliner Pen ($2). Clarins has their own which I loved as does Too Faced but of neither one is in your budget perhaps the Triple Tip Waterproof Eyeliner Pen for a mere two bucks might fit right in.

Take a look!

These triple tip liners make for an easy way to apply liquid liner especially for fools like me who can never get it right. The precise point allows you to dot liner gently onto your lash line and is virtually foolproof to apply. I’m not expert at liquid eyeliner so this is such a snap to use and apply.

Of course, I haven’t personally tried E.L.F.’s version but it sure looks like an excellent pick for those not willing to dish $20 or more dollars on the liner.

P.S. It’s available in Black AND Brown. Clarins nor Too Faced can boast two shade selections in their version! Sweet!

Available now at

  • 3/4/13 13:02 Miss_Silk:

    I can’t wait~!!! I still want to try the Holika Holika version too


  • 3/4/13 14:08 Kiss & Make-up:

    Hey cool, I have always wanted to get one of these three-dot eyeliners but I never actually got myself one. I don’t think this one is available in Europe yet, though, but I will definitely keep my eyes open and as soon as it does I am getting it!


  • 3/4/13 15:42 Simone:

    I didn’t want to but one of these liners because I was afraid I’d never use it, so I’m happy to hear terra a cheaper option available! Ill be checkin this one out! Thanks!


  • 3/5/13 1:08 KhaliaNicole:

    Now that’s a product I can get behind! It takes me so long to apply liquid that I tend to avoid it all together! Or on the other hand, the line just keeps getting thicker and thicker from trying to fix my screw ups! Ha!


  • 3/7/13 2:35 Lovelylittlebeauty12:

    I just received mine today … I tried it on my hand and found that it was taking a while to dry completely … The brown one is absolutely gorgeous !!! I’m hoping once I test it out more it will work better !!!


    • 3/7/13 9:24 the Muse:

      glad to hear it lovelylittlebeauty!


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