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Hey there!

Just a quick note…I had to approve three hundred some odd comments today. I let them get VERY backed up and I don’t see myself replying as quickly as I’d like. So, so sorry! Thank you for talking to me daily. I apologize but Feb was a busy month for me and things got out of hand!

If you asked something important please feel free to repost it.

I’m also VERY behind on e-mail. Thank you for all your messages! I appreciate them more than you’ll ever know! They are food for inspiring me on Musings of a Muse so are your comments!

I just wanted to give you a heads up on the comments as I apologize if I failed to reply, just means I got super busy!

I also wanted to update that all giveaways aside from the Tarina one are closed now and winners have been alerted. I have three pending prizes (two gift certificates and one nail set) that will be mailed out later this week and I’ll be all wrapped up on that. If you haven’t yet gotten your prize, don’t worry, it’s on the way!

I hope everything is going well in your universe and you’re having a great week so far!

Don’t forget, my Tarina giveaway is still on! If you haven’t entered to win do click over and join up! Good Luck!

We’ll all talk very soon I’m sure.

Feel free to use this post as an open forum and let me know what’s new for you!

Love ya!


  • 3/12/13 17:27 Amy Amethyst:

    Hey, we all get busy sometimes. Plus I don’t see how you bloggers do it. So many reviews plus working a full time job. Blogging is like a full time job I’m sure with all the work that goes into it. Nothing new with me, just being a lazy bum! I’ve been re-watching all the Big Bang Theory seasons. They are always so funny and I can’t stop watching once I start.


    • 3/13/13 9:30 the Muse:

      i need more hours in the day amy hehe! ;-D YAYYYY! did you see last week’s episode? SO cute! 😀


      • 3/13/13 19:22 Amy Amethyst:

        Yes I did! I love Sheldon and Raj has always been cute with his not being able to talk to women. Maybe one day he will be able to! The text date was cute tho.


  • 3/12/13 19:28 Icequeen81:

    :) thanks for the post


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