Hard Candy All Glossed Up Hydrating Lip Stain Review & Swatches

Hard Candy All Glossed Up

Hard Candy All Glossed Up Hydrating Lip Stains have launched in eight shades for Spring 2013 for a mere five bucks each. I know, we have plenty of glossy pencils to choose from and another version might be a smidge overwhelming but at five bucks each with a lightweight, moisturizing formula I’d say you need ONE more at least.

Take a peek!

Hard Candy All Glossed Up 8

Hard Candy All Glossed Up are ahead of the game slightly in the jumbo pencil world as they act as not only a tinted lip balm but also as a stain. You might have tried Neutrogena’s version, and Clinique’s, and Tarte’s, and…andand

All are wonderful pencils but none of them leave color behind after wearing awaying and that’s why Hard Candy All Glossed Up is slightly ahead of this trend.

Hard Candy All Glossed Up Hydrating Lip Stain

Hard Candy All Glossed Up Swatches

Love Bite

The texture is a very lightweight, weightless tint. They don’t have the balminess most pencils like this sport. The formula has a thin consistency with a slightly glossy finish. They provide some moisture but not a ton. They wear comfortably and have a hydrating feel through that wear. The wear varies but I can get about three hours in before they start fading and when they do you have at least two to three more hours of wear left since they leave behind a killer staining effect. Cool right? These are flavorless so they contain no scent or flavor.

Basically Hard Candy has solidified lip stain with the All Glossed Up Pencil.

Hard Candy All Glossed Up Hydrating Lip Stain FOTD

Me likey!

An awesome little product! If you enjoy and use lip stains I’m sure you’ll dig this pencil.

Available now at Walmart.

Anyone try?

Do share!


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  • 3/4/13 18:00 Whimsical Kelly:

    I want to try one, but I HATE WalMart. Argh, the conflict!


  • 3/4/13 18:00 Vi:

    So…basically like Revlon’s lipstain+balm combo? :)


  • 3/4/13 18:05 Fille:

    How do these compare to the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains?


    • 3/5/13 9:36 the Muse:

      lighter texture fille, less pigmented, more shine.


  • 3/4/13 19:44 dia:

    Revlon’s jumbo pencils also stain. How do these compare?


    • 3/5/13 9:33 the Muse:

      lighter texture dia, little less pigmented, shinier. stain is actually more longer lasting than the revlon one.


  • 3/4/13 21:05 Ryou:

    Revlon’s chubby pencil does leave a nice stain as well, but I think Hard Candy’s might look glossier? Either way, definitely hunting for this ASAP, thanks for the review! :)


    • 3/5/13 9:28 the Muse:

      my pleasure ryou! lighter texture, stain lasts longer but not as pigmented though as Revlon’s version and yes def more glossiness. Not glossy but perhaps a sheen :)


  • 3/4/13 21:32 Pat:

    These are by far the best that I have tried and I’ve used most brand. The color, moisture, lasting power and pigmentation was amazing


  • 3/4/13 21:40 Olivia:

    These look nice!


  • 3/4/13 23:44 Stacy:

    Muse the color looks AMAZING on you!
    P.S. I don’t see you take many pictures wearing Black, you wear it very well!!


    • 3/5/13 9:24 the Muse:

      gee thanks stacy you’re too kind πŸ˜€ <3! thank you!


  • 3/5/13 0:18 blueraccoon:

    How would these compare to the Revlon balm stains, wise Muse?


    • 3/5/13 9:24 the Muse:

      lighter texture, stain lasts longer blue. :) not as pigmented though as Revlon’s version.


      • 3/5/13 10:03 blueraccoon:

        Thank you!


        • 3/5/13 10:06 the Muse:

          my pleasure!


  • 3/5/13 7:56 carol:

    That looks gorgeous on you. I’m getting it.


    • 3/5/13 9:22 the Muse:

      thanks dear!


  • 3/5/13 13:14 Miss D:

    Forget the lipstick lets talk about your outfit. What kind of blouse are you wearing? Looks very pretty on you (sorry, can’t tell if it’s a lace or maybe a crochet blouse)!


    • 3/5/13 13:34 the Muse:

      aw thanks miss d πŸ˜€ kind of you to notice. It’s actually a silver panel over lace, kinda a floaty chiffon shirt. I guess I’m rarely seen in my “clothes” as I’m always doing my makeup first and dressing after so I always have a white t-shirt on ;-D


  • 3/6/13 9:50 Cj:

    Oh come on please don’t make me go back there :( I thought you liked me, why would you send me to walmart TWICE in a month!? I think this is cause for a divorce… I mean there had to be a rule in the prenup saying we can’t make each other go to walmart….


    • 3/6/13 9:54 the Muse:

      LOL I WISH it was online….as I hate making too many trips to walmart, place scares me ;-D


  • 3/7/13 3:58 kari:

    That color is gorgeous! I have already have TONS of these chubby lip crayons, but like you said, couldn’t hurt to get one more, right? (Sidenote: I’m just stoked for the new Hard Candy products in general. They all seem really cool.)


    • 3/7/13 9:24 the Muse:

      kari, agreed, all the new stuff looks amazing ;D


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