I’m Kinda Addicted To Pinning!

Come Pin With Me Forever and Ever and Ever!

Ok, so the idea of Pinterest is simple. See a photo of something you love on the Internet and want to share with the masses or friends? Pin it!

I remember having a massive bulletin board above my desk when I was a teenager which I popped photos on, concert tickets, awards, etc…all stuff that just reminded me of great times in my life. Pinterest is kinda the same idea but in a virtual format.

A few months ago I thought it was kinda of a dumb idea. I mean who has time for another social media outlet? But I’m here to say it’s positively addicting.

Not only do I love sharing really random, stupid stuff (and beauty) with the Interwebz but I also love discovering pinners with similiar interest as my own. Click here for one of my favorite finds!

So yeah, now I’m a proud member of Pinterest and actively pin all my geekiness and beauty for the world to see.

Do you pin?

Do follow me at pinterest.com/musingsofamuse and see what’s up! I pin beauty but I pride myself on some of my weirder, funnier pins as well! Check out my boards let me know what you think!

Happy Pinning!

I feel like saying in a British accent, “Come Pin with me forever and ever and ever…” like the creepy Grady Twins in the Shining!

P.S. I pee myself every single time the damn gong goes off! Someone hold me!

P.S.S. If you get addicted to pinning don’t blame me!

  • 3/11/13 16:36 Cj:

    Oh god you so don’t want to know what I thought that said instead of “pinning”…


    • 3/12/13 11:33 the Muse:

      My mind is filthy so I can imagine ;D lol!


  • 3/11/13 23:57 amy:

    I don’t even “tweet”… I also don’t have a Facebook account.


  • 3/12/13 4:11 Angel:

    Muse, I’m LMAO! I just started pinning, like less than 48 hours ago, and I’m full on addicted LOL! I can’t stop, it’s outta control. And to think I put this off forever. I don’t do FB or any other social media so I didn’t get Pinterest at first. But now I can’t stop. Off to follow you :)


    • 3/12/13 9:08 the Muse:

      hehe angel same issue soon as I started I couldn’t stop!!!!!!! happy pinning! :)


  • 3/12/13 17:31 Lila:

    I am addicted too! I need to follow you now. See that is addiction at it’s finest.


    • 3/13/13 9:29 the Muse:

      hehe lila ;D!


  • 3/15/13 20:50 Hez:

    Damn you ( in the best way) cause now I can call up what I want to buy on my phone using Pinterest. Please follow me I named a board after you. lol I’ll be callin up that board in the store too.. damn.. I’m in trouble lol.


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