Lush Henata Review

Lush Henata Bath Bomb

I dunno if an Easter Hen inspires Spring to me but that’s exactly what Lush Henata Bath Bomb is! Henata is full if surprises just like the colorful pinata she’s inspired by. And hey, hens lay eggs so what would Easter be without eggs for our baskets?

So you see she does have a spot in basket this Spring!

This gorgeous bath bomb contains soap paper flower petals that fizzle, sizzle, and bubble up when Henata is dropped in your bath tube. She turns from orange to yellow to blue and even aqua and green as she fizzes, swirls, and scents your bath bomb with a delightfully strong aroma if juicy tangerine, mandarin, and bergamot.

Lush Henata

She not only makes quite a party in your bath tube but she also scents skin with a gorgeous array of citrus notes that last for literally hours after your bath and the essential oils she’s made with softens your skin and keeps it nicely hydrated well after your bath is over so need to moisturize after!

I admit the fact the bath bomb turns a ton of different shades as it melts down totally amuses me. If you never used a Lush Bath Bomb you’re in for a treat as they have a very beautiful, long lasting fragrance!

So decorate your Easter baskets with a Henata or two and enjoy a beautiful spring bath on Lush!

Available now, for a limited time this Easter at Lush boutiques or online at



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  • 3/25/13 22:30 Olivia:

    Sounds delish! Love mandarin scents.


  • 3/26/13 2:55 앨리스:

    I am… so tempted… to purchase one… fun baths are a totally welcome thing ALL THE TIME! Listing this down on my want list… thanks for the review haha! :)


    • 3/26/13 9:42 the Muse:

      my pleasure :) It smells amazing!


  • 3/26/13 11:01 Cj:

    Thought that said hentai… God I’m a bad person.


    • 3/26/13 11:05 the Muse:

      LOL that can be arranged…night shift nurses? 😀


  • 3/26/13 22:01 Celine:

    I have recently been introduced to Lush on the weekend. I got their bubble bars since I love my bubble baths and totally appreciate the therapy that comes from one. I’m now hooked!


    • 3/27/13 9:10 the Muse:

      happy to hear it celine they are fab!


  • 3/27/13 13:40 Joana Piloto:

    Seeing this makes me wanna have a bath tub. No bubbles baths for me :(


  • 3/28/13 0:27 melissa konowitz:

    I am loving this years easter collection. My local store had a big turn over all new girlies. :( They are nice but I like when they get to know me and my wacky tastes and skin. LOL


    • 3/28/13 10:21 the Muse:

      awww I totes know what you mean about knowing your fellow lushie sa! 😀


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