Lush the Brightside Review

Lush the Brightside Spring 2013

The Brightside, a most perfect Lush Bubble Bar for this Muse as I’m ALWAYS looking on the bright side of things. Seriously, life is too short not to look on the bright side. There’s always a sunny day ahead after all those clouds, promise!

My sister is 12 years older than I am but I still get her an Easter Basket every year and Lush Brightside is definitely being popped into her basket.

Take a look!

Lush the Brightside Bubble Bar

This is a MASSIVE Bubble Bar that’s done in the style of the Comforter. P.S. BTW the Comforter is my all time favorite Lush Bubble Bar. This seems thicker than the Comforter though and just HUGE! If you’re greedy and use the entire thing in your bath you’ll get bubbles as high as the ceiling! Seriously, this is some crazy big bubble bar.

That aside, I’d recommend slicing it into two halves and using it for two different baths or if you’re feeling extra economical slice it into four pieces!

It smells INCREDIBLE! Just like its name Brightside is bright, cheery, sunny, and all about citrus. Citrus oils bring a bright sunny fragrance to your bath and tone and cleanse your skin as well! Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oils create the most intense citrus-y fragrance every so your entire bathroom and beyond will be smelling like tangerines well after you take a bath. The fragrance just lingers and lingers particularly on your skin which is left soft, smooth, and slick after your bath!

Lush the Brightside

How do you use a Lush Bubble Bar? Simple! Just crumble it under running water and it’ll melt down and create TONS of bubbles and lather. You can also turn on your shower to really work it into a lather as you fill the tub! Or take an old pair of stockings, cut off the foot portion and a little up the leg, crumble the bubble bar inside, and tie the stocking under the running water.

Want a piece of sunshine in your bath?

The Brightside brings the sun right to your bathtub. But only for a limited time. This Bubble Bar was launched for Easter/Spring and will disappear soon!

Get it now at Lush Boutiques or online at


I admit I have a tidy stock of ten sealed in ziplock baggies that I ordered online. Shh don’t tell anyone but I can’t watch these disappear they are just too good NOT to stash away!


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  • 3/27/13 13:02 Cj:

    .__. no one gets me an easter basket… *cries in corner*

    Who remembers that song Mr Brightside?? I got it stuck in my head thanks to this post lol


    • 3/27/13 13:13 the Muse:

      LOL it isn’t technically a basket, every year I buy her a new purse and stuff it with candy and makeup hehe ;-D it’s the adult version of an easter basket…! now I have to google mr brightside, wha!? what song is dat?!


      • 3/27/13 13:22 Cj:

        New bag…. WITH CANDY AND MAKEUP? Now I feel even worse. LOL


        • 3/27/13 13:33 the Muse:

          oh shit I know that song lol! ;-D completely didn’t come to mind when you said mr brightside for some reason! ;-D COME over I’ll get you a new Spring bag with candy and makeup too hubby!


  • 3/27/13 13:17 Shelby:

    OMG I LOVE this bubble bar! It smells soooo sooo sooo great & very uplifting! I cut mine in 2 but was almost tempted to try the whole thing & see how much bubbles I really get!

    Also maybe pair this with the Enchanter bath bomb for more citrus good-ness!


    • 3/27/13 13:23 the Muse:

      I admit I’ve tried an entire one lol…it was insane…bubbles were everywhere, they were over my head ;-D or henata!


  • 3/27/13 13:20 Missy:

    What a sweetheart you are <3


    • 3/27/13 13:22 the Muse:

      aw :) thanks right back atcha!


  • 3/27/13 13:27 Joana Piloto:

    The lush products here are smaller than in america, IDK why, I think you guys just like to make everything bigger XD


  • 3/27/13 13:28 Kimmwc03:

    That’s sweet that you give your sis Easter gifts. My brother is 13 years older than me but we never exchange gifts. My mom still gets me a few things every year though. :)

    I love the Comforter and so does my hubby. I have a Lush GC so I may try this bath bar.


    • 3/27/13 13:31 the Muse:

      I’m super close with her kim so we kinda do gifts for every holiday 😀 v-day, etc…I can understand, he’s a dude, he prob doesn’t even know it is Easter lol! men 😀 My mom gets us stuff too but my mom hasn’t yet realized that we aren’t five years old anymore either LOL!


  • 3/27/13 13:35 lee:

    Aw what a good sister! My sisters are twelve years apart too. One is twelve years older and the other is 12 younger.


    • 3/27/13 13:41 the Muse:

      aw thanks 😀 You’d never know with us, we are like two kids when together 😀


  • 3/27/13 13:54 Kitten:

    Ahhh! It’s already sold out from the website! How can this be?! :'(


    • 3/27/13 13:55 the Muse:

      WA!? no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lush UK also sells it if that’s any of help!


  • 3/27/13 19:41 Nicole:

    Wow!! What a colour sensation, it looks so bright and uplifting. Would love to get this as a present or better still, I might just splurge and go buy some for myself.


  • 3/27/13 20:27 Celine:

    I cut mine in 4 pieces as well, and still got lots of bubbles.


    • 3/28/13 10:13 the Muse:

      celine it’s so massive you can def get four baths out of the one ;-D


  • 3/29/13 0:51 jenn s.:

    This looks like some kind of delicious tie-dyed bundt cake! Dang, now I want lemon bundt cake…I wish there was a Lush store near me. :( Too expensive to order. Poo.


    • 3/29/13 9:49 the Muse:

      don’t make me hungry mmm cake


  • 3/31/13 0:29 Olivia:

    Ugh this looks AMAZING!


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