New Khroma Beauty Products for Spring 2013

Khroma Beauty Spring 2013

Khroma Beauty, the Kardashian’s new cosmetic and makeup collection, had some growing pains recently when hit with a lawsuit over the name. I personally wasn’t following the case so not sure how it panned out but all must be a ok considering the line has been extended to include brand new products for Spring 2013 including Nail Lacquers.

Here’s a look!

Khroma Beauty Endless Summer Matte Bronzer $14.99
Beat the heat and humidity with this innovative, formula by Khroma Beauty that is long wearing even in the worst weather conditions. Go from winter white to summer bright with a flick of your brush for a natural satin finish and a clear, pure transparent color. Endless Summer makes you look like you enjoy summer weather 365 days a year.

Khroma Beauty Endless Summer Matte Bronzer

Khroma Beauty Honey Stick Lipgloss $8.99 (8 Shades)
Ready for a sweet surprise? Dip into this honey infused lip nectar for a taste of nature. Each tender color is shot through with gorgeous, golden shimmer, and enriched with lip loving nutrients. It’s almost too sweet to bear!

Khroma Beauty Khroma Beauty Honey Stick Lipgloss

Khroma Beauty Nail Lacquer $5.99
Long wearing, ultra glossy and chip resistant nail color by Khroma Beauty that glides on evenly for a truly professional looking finish. Formula is free of toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, and DBP.

Khroma Beauty Nail Lacquer

Khroma Beauty K24 Prime Golden Make Up Primer Gelee $19.99
Increase your face value. 24k Gold Dust Make Up Prepping Primer 5 minute gel treat instantly adds smoothness and radiance to complexion. Perfect for red carpet events or every day celebrations. Prepares skin for make up and leaves behind a subtle, illuminating sheen, which reflects light away from skin imperfections so makeup application looks flawless. Now you can prep your make-up and look like a million dollars! Key Elements: Allergen Free. Moisturizing. Refreshing. Energizing. Make Up Priming.

Khroma Beauty K24 Prime Golden Make Up Primer Gelee

Khroma Beauty Honey Pots Lip Conditioner $5.49
Dip into this honey flavored lip balm, a precious nectar enriched with natural emollients for soft, sexy lips. Soothing nectar infused with real honey for sweet, kissable lips. Dip into the honey pot for a soft bee stung pout. In natural (colorless) and bitten tint (touch of rosy color). Sleep with your honey to condition lips at night.

Khroma Honey Pots Lip Conditioner

Khroma Beauty Honey Pots Lip Conditioner

Khroma Beauty Joystick Lip Lacquer $8.99 (8 Shades)
Khroma Beauty Joystick Lip Lacquer’s super Intense long lasting lip color goes on like a cream and lasts through all the fun and games. Gain complete mastery over your lip color with a flick of your Joystick.

Khroma Beauty Joystick Lip Lacquer

The Makeup Primer looks interesting…! But I’m unsure if I need to have gold dust all OVER my face as a primer ya know? I have a funny feeling it might be discoball finish!

Anything that interests you?

Khroma Beauty is sold at Harmons, Ulta, and other drugstore locations!

  • 3/11/13 11:32 Trish:

    Grrrr…I really am intrigued by the bronzer. I’m so pale that I’m always on a quest for a light enough bronzer. But…it’s the Kardashians. shudder. I’m just not a fan.


    • 3/11/13 11:33 the Muse:

      milani has a new bronzer trish, kinda similiar.


    • 3/11/13 13:37 Seagulls:

      Wait for the new Chanel Beiges bronzer! I’m holding out hope….


    • 3/12/13 0:50 18thCenturyFox:

      Regarding the “light enough bronzer” I am NC 10 and love NARS discontinued Tuomota multiple. It’s still available from ( I am in NO way affiliated) I’ve probably ordered from them 40+ times and never had a problem. So if you are VERY light and still want a light bronzer that’s just my 2 cents 😉


  • 3/11/13 15:54 Iris:

    Those lip conditioners’ packaging reminds me of Lancome’s long discontinued Lip Gelee, which I still miss very, very dearly. Had my hopes up for a second when I just looked at the image, but it doesn’t sound like a similiar product :(


    • 3/11/13 15:56 the Muse:

      yeah or the hello kitty apple gloss 😀


  • 3/11/13 19:28 Mango:

    The gold face primer resembles body glitter!


  • 3/11/13 19:48 Danii:

    “Clear, pure, transparent” color? Are they predicting the fact it will lack in pigment? 😉 The honey lip glosses seem interesting but if they taste like honey, blegh. Maybe they’ve updated it from your review, Muse? The joystick lip lacquer, I might pick up, because I like easy-to-apply lip products.


  • 3/12/13 0:35 Anne:

    that lip conditioner looks pretty :) hehe hope it doesn’t disappoint


  • 3/14/13 23:14 Jessie:

    I read today a judge granted an injunction against Khroma from launching these until further review of Kroma’s lawsuit can reviewed…too bad, because these look so cute!


    • 3/15/13 15:52 the Muse:

      interesting and they are available at still? that’s odd!


      • 3/21/13 16:08 Adrienne:

        I will wait for you to report back on the lip products because I had to return the original nude lip set because of the color and the smell was awful! I hope they reformulated it. I saw in Ulta they had a few more shades with the lip kits with the liner, lipstick and gloss.


        • 3/21/13 16:12 the Muse:

          yup same here adrienne, I hated it, the gloss smelled like cat pee :(


  • 4/24/13 22:28 Rachel:

    I’ve read on several sites that for the primer you put it on for 5 minutes then wash it off then put on makeup. What is the point of this? Can anyone please clarify!?


    • 5/7/13 16:39 Danii:

      Reason: the K’s are idiots. It’s probably because it’s not really a primer in the normal sense but a “face wash-mask” type of thing. Slap it on, wait 5 minutes, wash off for “glowing, smooth skin” to put your makeup over.


  • 5/19/13 9:46 lil’eve:

    I want to try the laquer since Am a gloss addict and may facilitate the transition to lipstick because it giives,me phobia. I have tried liptsick only to feel like a clown.


  • 6/12/13 17:02 June Tousignant:

    I purchased the “KHROMA beautiful nail polish, by Kourtney, Kim & Khloe”. This polish lasted hours. Not even a day.
    I am licensed cosmetologist, and I have never purchased such low quality polish.
    I make very little money as I am recently disabled, so this was a huge disappointment to me.
    Take my word. Nail polish should last more than a day. I have used it all, and this stuff is the cheapest crap ever.
    Do you think they actually tried this before they put it our there for the consumer?
    I will never buy anything with this name on it again…


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