Prestige Cosmetics Flawess & Ready BB Cream

Prestige Cosmetics Flawess & Ready BB Cream

Prestige Cosmetics Flawess & Ready BB Cream ($11.50) is the newest BB Cream to hit the drugstore scene. This is available in a single shade with an SPF 15.

Sadly, not a lot of information on Prestige’s site at the moment about it. I think it’s safe to say it’ll probably provide sheerer coverage and act as more of a tinted moisturizer or primer.

The swatch they do have on site is a creamy beige with what appears to be pinker undertones. Hard to say though! I’m betting Harmons will get it shortly.

I’ll review as soon as it becomes available in store.

What do you think?

Are you a Prestige Cosmetics fan?

P.S. Anyone play the Tomb Raider reboot? Great graphics but don’t buy it, rent it. Kinda bored me after a few hours of play and I was wishing I got it from Game Fly versus buying it.

  • 3/13/13 11:02 Alchemy:

    Was at Harmons last night, bunch of new products there (mostly NYX), but I didn’t see this one (yet).

    Prestige is a hit or miss for me. One of the things I never like, a product comes out (ie the eyeshadow primer) and there is rarely any information about it. I think it wasn’t until a month or two after I purchased the eyeshadow primer, THEN I began seeing more information about it on the web.


    • 3/13/13 11:03 the Muse:

      drives me bonkers when a website has absolutely no details…WHY!?>?!?!??!


  • 3/13/13 11:06 Cj:

    Would you believe that I’m still playing swtor XD I feel like such a Star Wars nerd I love this game lol


    • 3/13/13 11:19 the Muse:

      dude dude dude move ON! ;-D why do I have a funny feeling a cute guy is behind all this swtor playing!? 😀


      • 3/13/13 11:27 Cj:

        Ok ok ok soo the guild I’m in MIGHT be full of really cute English and Australian guys…. but the game’s pretty cool too I mean… LOL


        • 3/13/13 11:31 the Muse:

          I FREAKING knew it! don’t ever say I don’t know you well hehe!


  • 3/13/13 12:23 Alex:

    I actually looooved the Tomb Raider reboot, but that kind of game is more or less entirely up my alley. I play lots of horror/survival/shooter-esque games, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Amnesia, Assassin’s Creed etc. So combining the stealth kills with the waves of enemies and pretty graphics- wiiin.

    Anyway, /cough/ I have a few prestige liquid liners that I’m pretty fond of but other than that I’m not too familiar with their line. I haven’t really got much faith if any in American BB creams anyways :C


    • 3/13/13 13:17 the Muse:

      i love horror survival too alex even! :) It’s ok but I kinda got a little bored through the first hour :( Not sure what it is I expected but wasn’t this! lol me either don’t feel bad!


    • 3/15/13 6:15 Rebecah:

      I agree, i absolutely adore this game. Im about half way through, and its always on my mind but have essays to write o;
      This reboot reminded me a lot of silent hill, especially the palace. I can definitely see myself replaying it after a while, its completely worth the price in my opinion.


  • 3/13/13 17:16 Al:

    I haven’t picked up a Tomb Raider game since the PSone days, but I was watching my brother-in-law play the reboot just the other day, and I kept laughing at how every little movement that Lara makes seems to elicit a moan, but when the fighting starts, she’s suddenly completely silent LOL!


  • 3/13/13 17:56 Paloma:

    What is BB cream? 😡


  • 3/14/13 0:23 Nat:

    That’s too bad about Tomb Raider! Have you played the new DMC reboot? I f’ing LOVE IT! New Dante is haaaaaawt! 😀


  • 3/14/13 4:10 Danii:

    My boyfriend likes the Tomb Raider reboot, since she’s not such an idiotic heroine anymore, IE its no longer “LOOK AT MY BUTT AND DIGITAL BOOBS WHILE I FAIL AT JUMPING!” and she’s pretty well-dressed for her environment for once. I might play it (PC ALL THE WAAAAAAAAAAAY). Might. I appreciate that she’s no longer a sex object and an actual human. Can we get more heroines like her?


  • 3/14/13 8:16 Melissa:

    I just finished the new Tomb Raider and really enjoyed it. I think it’s the bow and swinging from stuff that I loved. The story was predictable but still enjoyable. As for BB Creams, so tired of everyone cashing in on the bb cream craze. -_- I haven’t bothered with any of the American BB Creams purely based on your reviews. I’m not much of a tinted moisturizer fan. I went straight for Skin 79 VIP Gold.


  • 3/14/13 9:43 Paloma Smith:



    • 3/14/13 9:54 the Muse:

      my pleasure.


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