Revlon Sorbet Colorburst Lip Butter Review & Swatches

Revlon Sorbet Colorburst Lip Butter

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sorbet is one of four new shades released with the new Gucci Westman Collection for Summer 2013. It happens to one of the two brighter shades launched in this collection as Revlon went with a mix of some pretty nude colors and some rather vibrant ones, Sorbet being one.

Take a look!

Sorbet is a bright shade of fuchsia pink which translates well from tube to lips. The color is a true bright fuchsia but quite wearable. Typically fuchsia is a little hard to wear but this color is fresh, fun, and has just the right amount of vibrancy without being over done.

I mentioned in a prior post that the formula of the newest shades of Revlon Lip Butter differ a little from the original release and this seems to be the case with this shade. This has the better pigment of some of the other shades but still has a less than creamy texture which the old formula had. This is more of a balm-y finish with a heavier texture on my lips. Maybe I’m imagining it but I felt like the formula on the original shades had an easy glide across my lips and this had a little tugging involved to get into place.

Revlon Sorbet Colorburst Lip Butter Swatches

Revlon Sorbet Colorburst Lip Butter FOTD

None the less the color is quite lovely especially if you love subtle fuchsia pinks!

I’m unsure if this is a limited edition shade but as I mentioned a few times already a reader had mentioned seeing these colors in the original display at her local Target so perhaps they will be added to the general catalog.

I located mine at CVS.

Do you own the shade?

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  • 3/22/13 13:10 Corey:

    this color is so pretty on you! i was hesitant to try these out after what you said about the formula…but-the pic is so pretty i might be willing to put in the extra effort!


    • 3/22/13 13:11 the Muse:

      this the better of the four corey…this shade and wild watermelon have potential :) it’s the nude shades that seem to suffer from dryness ;-D


  • 3/22/13 13:15 Christina:

    Just came from Target and although they did not have the Gucci Westman display or the actual lip butters, the permanent display does contain slots for the four new colors, already labelled.


    • 3/22/13 13:16 the Muse:

      yayayayayayayayay great news!


  • 3/22/13 13:21 JoElla:

    When I saw the collection, I grabbed the shadow quads (shockingly I really like darker one a lot), and I grabbed Shell polish and All of the lip butters. (Yes quite piggy of moi!) I did notice the texture different and the color payoff was really good. I used Jucie Papya (sp) and really expected it to go on like peach parfait, but it was stronger. It did last for a long time on my lips

    So far I am really loving my goodies from this collection, but not sure about the white eyeliner. What are you thoughts on that?


    • 3/22/13 13:30 the Muse:

      i thought the same on the texture…good color pay off but not quite the same as the original but maybe I’m crazy 😀 I didn’t get it..but it’ll make a good mod look! inner corner would be great as well for a little brightening up the area….lined with black on the upper lash line and white above would make a nice Twiggy/Mod look but I can’t pull off white liner so I’d look awful I’m sure 😀 example:


  • 3/22/13 13:24 Jessica:

    My local Target stores have these in stock too. :) I also picked up all four shades, but while I agree that a couple are on the sheer side, I didn’t find the formula to be any different from that of the original line of shades. I find them all to be balmy with a little tug involved! Overall I think the shades (in the whole line) are hit and miss, but I really like the new four!


  • 3/22/13 13:36 Amy Amethyst:

    The only lip butter I have is the color Sugar Plum and mine is not as glossy/creamy as everyone had been talking about. It looks like it’s more like this one. That’s why I couldn’t understand why everyone was loving these so much. Merle Norman has something called a lip glaze that’s a cross between lipstick and gloss and it is creamy and hydrating and feels so good on the lips. It’s my fave lip color if I only had to pick one.


    • 3/22/13 15:17 the Muse:

      that’s so odd! my sugar plum is creamy and moisturizing! maybe it’s a fluke?!


      • 3/22/13 15:54 Amy Amethyst:

        Yeah maybe I just got a bad batch or something. But I’m afraid to try again! haha


        • 3/22/13 15:56 the Muse:

          no no don’t be, try again, seriously some of the shades are positively delightful (just not these new ones LOL)!


          • 3/22/13 16:07 Amy Amethyst:

            haha I’m sure I’ll pick up another sometime. I need something to cheer me up. Dropped my phone in bathtub and now it’s gone to phone heaven. *cries*

          • 3/22/13 16:08 the Muse:

            oh no *hangs head in brief moment of silence for Amy’s phone*

          • 3/22/13 16:15 Amy Amethyst:

            I am too addicted to my phone to go without. Was just trying to hold out a little longer before I upgraded. Dang Verizon and their new data packages!

          • 3/22/13 16:16 the Muse:

            i actually grandfathered my unlimited on at&t which is awesome but the data plan on my ipads HURTS so hard!

          • 3/22/13 16:35 Amy Amethyst:

            From what I understand if I get a new phone I have to go to the new data package. Right now I have unlimited as long as I keep my old phone…that does work now :(

          • 3/22/13 16:37 the Muse:

            how long are you a customer with them? They grandfather when I went from iphone 4gs to 5 without a problem (this is at&t). I think if you’ve been with them a while, explain that you dropped the phone in water etc…they prob will be forgiving and grandfather?! I should hope if you’re a long time customer they’d give you the consideration!

          • 3/22/13 16:35 Amy Amethyst:

            *doesn’t work.

          • 3/22/13 16:41 Amy Amethyst:

            I’ve been with them 6-7 years now I think. I’m under my bf’s plan now and he’s been with them longer than that. But who knows what they will do. I read that the only way you can keep unlimited was to pay full retail price for your phone.

  • 3/22/13 18:35 Sophie:

    Such a pretty pop of color!


  • 3/23/13 0:48 melissa:

    If they dont grandfather go to sprint. I get a corporate discount but without discounts 99 a month for unlimited data 500 minutes and cell to cell, nights, weekends, are all free but I can’t live without unlimited data.


  • 3/24/13 19:39 Suri:

    Hi there! I just came across your blog and Im hooked! (you bad girl you!) I found these at target, and the texture on them were all the same as the originals: creamy, moisturizing, and pigmented (sorbet and wild watermelon anyways!) Perhaps yours were just duds?
    Im really loving that they brought out Pink Lemonade and Juicy Papaya as well! As a person that usually goes for colors pretty much the exact same shade as my lips (whyyyy?!) Ive been so intimidated with the coral and pale pink trend but really want to give it a shot! Seeing as i have suppppper dark lips! (somewhere between berry smoothie and peach parfait are my natural lip color!) This has helped me ease into the trend! Sometimes i put on a few more swipes when i feel especially daring (;

    wow word vomit! haha anyways wonderful post! and that color looks gorgeous on you!


  • 3/24/13 23:10 Swarnali:

    This is such a great shade! anyway i am in love with pinks! 😛
    it looks great on u! :)


  • 5/25/13 13:40 BD:

    I really have a problem with my skin undertone. Am I warm or cool? Oh! I’ve always thought that I am olive but light very light olive, pale and never looked to cool colors. This “Sorbet” was out of my list. Than my husband just by mistake got me this, so this is how I’ve tried it.
    Surprise! It looks gorgeous on my skin. Just beautiful- I wish I knew better which tones look good on me.
    It suits you too- you look so pretty :-)


    • 6/10/13 16:12 the Muse:

      aw thanks bd and I feel the same never know am I warm, cool, neutral!?


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