Smashbox Heat Wave Eye Shadow Palette for Summer 2013

Smashbox Heat Wave Eye Shadow Palette

As Summer draws closer I’m starting to lem warming palettes like the Smashbox Heat Wave Eye Shadow Palette for Summer 2013. Bit early to talk about Summer when Spring is just creeping up but this palette looks friendly enough for daily looks not just Summer ones.

Take a peek!

The Smashbox Heat Wave Eye Shadow Palette is a selection of ten eyeshadow shades with a wet or dry formula and a double ended brush for application.

From promo images along it looks like a lovely selection of warmer shades and going by by experience with past Smashbox Palettes like this I’m betting the formula is a lovely velvety texture with excellent pigmentation!

$48 is a shy high for this guy though as competitive brands offer much more for less so they might want to reconsider that near $50 price tag.

Aside from that it looks like a gorgeous selection of shades!

What do you think?

It’s available now at

  • 3/14/13 9:55 Ana Reczynski:

    Omg….I started drooling when I saw this…lol muse!!! Your not suppose to make me want more makeup!!!! Lol this palette looks gorgeous… I hope you get it and swatch it ^_^. … Love your blog by the way


    • 3/14/13 10:16 the Muse:

      aw thanks ana :) so glad you enjoy Musings! I was too!!!!!!!!! I love it ;-D looks amazings ;-D Hope to review it soon for ya!


  • 3/14/13 10:04 Lorraine:

    i think i will have to make this one mine. these colors are gorgeous and actually wearable. and i love me some smashbox shadows. the price is a little high but i’m there’s usually a sephora vib coupon in the spring sometime so i will be a little patient… just glad they didn’t go fully overboard like stila and their $75 palette. lol


  • 3/14/13 11:07 JenJ:

    I was on their website last night browsing and say this. Smashbox holds a special place in my makeup heart. This is purrrty! Can’t wait to see swatches. Undecided if I’ll scoop it up or not. If I happen to get a 20% coupon from Ulta then all bets are off. HA!


  • 3/14/13 22:36 AmandaM:

    I saw this whilst perusing the Sephora website, but sadly this cool-toned gal wouldn’t be able to wear the colors on the top row. So, this is a no-buy for me. Pity, as I do like the Smashbox eyeshadow formula. I hope you pick it up-I can’t wait for your review and makeup-look!


  • 3/15/13 12:50 Majick:

    This palette looks really pretty. I may have a lot of similar colors so I may not bite although I have to agree with JenJ – an Ulta 20% OFF coupon makes me do crazy things. LOL


  • 3/16/13 15:17 Laura:

    I could do without the top right two. But the bottom row and the top first three, *drools*


  • 4/23/13 13:51 Majick:

    walked out with this yesterday and I didn’t even have a coupon! OMG – the colors are amazing. I am warm toned and I don’t think there is a loser in the bunch.

    I can’t wait to play!


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