Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer/Blush Duo Review & Swatches

Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer Blush Duo Spring 2013

I’m in love with the Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer/Blush Duo ($12.99) in Glimmer! I’ll be wearing this all through Spring and into Summer so if you have any questions at all about the golden peachy glow on my cheeks, don’t ask, you’ll already know where it came from!

Split down the middle containing a metallic bronzer on one side and a blush on the other this duo adds color and an all over glow to skin with light reflecting pigments making it the easiest most beautiful blush I own at the moment.

Take a peek!

Take a look at this design, don’t you love the faux croc skin look of the powder? Dunno why but it mesmerizes me! This Bronzer/Blush Duo comes in three shades that graduate from lighter to dark so if Glimmer seems too dark for you try out one of the lighter shades.

I admit it isn’t the silkiest of formulas in the world as it does have a dense texture so using a brush with dense bristles is the best way to go particularly a kabuki with a flat head. This enables you to pick up color easily and buff it into cheeks. The duo has a smooth yet dense texture that appears to lack color at first when using a regular blush but builds up quickly so light and soft with your hand when applying. You can apply both shades together by swirling into both or apply separately depending on the look you’re wanting to create.

Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer Blush Duo

Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer Blush Duo Glimmer Swatches

Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer Blush Duo Swatches

Typically I like applying the blush first and blending a small amount of the bronzer over it for added glow. This isn’t your typical sunny glow! It’s more of a metallic glowing coral on my cheeks that deepens if I use both colors combined together. So I wouldn’t say you get a traditional tanned look from the shades but more of a glowing blush that will compliment your tan. I’m quite ok with that effect considering I dislike bronzers.

Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer Blush Duo Face of the Day

Overall, if you like glowing shades of corals on cheeks I’d HIGHLY suggest checking this out. I absolutely love how it adds perfect shimmering color to my cheeks.

Muse Approved for purchase.

It’s available now at Target and


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  • 3/21/13 20:00 Shellypea:

    Looks amazing on you — and I am equally mesmerized by the faux croc!


    • 3/22/13 13:13 the Muse:

      aw thanks shelly 😀


  • 3/21/13 21:24 Vi:

    Holy crap, a bronzer that’s actually tan-brown and not orange?!! I need it! xD I have the Physicians’ Formula Happy Booster bronzer+blush combo, and the blush is lovely but the bronzer is too orange. It makes me look…fake-tanned, or spray-tanned. I want a real looking tan, darnit! :)


  • 3/21/13 22:34 Phyrra:

    I like the color on you.


    • 3/22/13 13:02 the Muse:

      thanks court :) <3!


  • 3/21/13 23:00 Icequeen81:

    I agree I love it too and it is 2 in one , wich means less stuff to carry by


  • 3/22/13 2:02 Laura:

    Looks good!


  • 3/22/13 2:14 melissa:

    Thanks for the review. It looks very flattering on you. I’ll be checking this out soon. :)


    • 3/22/13 13:02 the Muse:

      aw thanks chica :)


  • 3/22/13 9:22 carm:

    WANT! That looks great Muse and I don’t even like shimmer or sparkle on my cheeks. (But that’s my own oily skin/large pore issue)


    • 3/22/13 10:30 the Muse:

      thanks carm :) I understand, pores attract shimmer like the crazy :(


  • 3/22/13 9:55 Christina:

    Well now I at least know where I will be spending my lunch hour — Target here I come!


  • 3/22/13 12:00 amy:

    I actually saw this in two Targets last week (I’m a mom-I spend *alot* of time there, LOL), but I completely looked past it. I don’t do corals, and the bronzer is a bit much, but the two blended together is sooo gorgeous. Well, I was planning a small NARS haul today, but since I’ll also be hitting a Target, some of those NARS goodies may have to wait (did I actually just type that?)…


    • 3/22/13 12:35 the Muse:

      hehe target is mom central isn’t it 😀 oh my SK over nars?! are you ok!? hehe!


  • 3/22/13 12:45 Maya:

    Muse, how could I do without you? The shopping list is becoming longer and lnger! Thanks , Maya Hugs from Italy X


    • 3/22/13 12:55 the Muse:

      lol maya aw :) <3! I love ya! hugs back!


  • 3/22/13 13:19 Christina:

    So I went to Target and they did not have the new blushes yet BUT — and even better for me since eye makeup is my obsession — they have the four new monochrome quads and they are nothing short or gorgeous! The pictures on Target’s website do them no justice.

    But I will go back for the blushes…


    • 3/22/13 13:20 the Muse:

      They really are outstandingly pretty in person! Especially the rose one :-D!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 3/23/13 15:00 Kayla:

    Are there other shades of this available?


  • 3/23/13 17:26 Julia:

    I can’t seem to find it anywhere except online :( poor me


  • 3/23/13 20:26 Heather:

    This looks freaking amazing! So jealous you guys have this over there. Someone should really try selling it on ebay internationally.


  • 3/24/13 14:36 Jai:

    Love it!!! I need this.


  • 3/28/13 23:44 Avalith:

    Do I really need another blush and a shimmering bronzer…? Yes. Yes I do.


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